Second post

I had thought about setting a goal of updating this blog everyday, but I think that would be a little over-ambitious. Plus there may be days when I’ll update more than once. So I decided to just let it happen as it happens.

What can you expect from “Small Town Girl”? Mostly randomness. Comments on movies I see (don’t see too many), TV shows I watch (warning: am addicted to reality competition shows), books I read and interesting things I find on the Web. I like taking and sharing photos, but I haven’t had the opportunity to do so in a while. Perhaps that will change.

What I don’t want this to turn into is a bitching-blog. I’ve done my fair share of that, and I think it would be best to keep it to LiveJournal. I’m making an effort to keep negativity off here, but I’m a pessimist at heart, so it’ll be tough! I need to avoid complaining about my job (too much), religious discussions and politics. I’m a Democrat who believes in a woman’s right to choose and that it shouldn’t matter if the person you want to marry is the same sex as yourself. There, I said it. Hopefully, that will be it for political posts.

It’s funny…. I spent all day thinking of how I’d write my next post, composing all the words in my head, and when I sit down to actually write it out, my mind goes blank. Typical. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that.


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