Of chincillas and men

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I was recently granted full custody of the chinchilla we’d been caring for over summer break. Oreo is now mine!

School started this week and the teacher who owned him asked Dad to bring him back because the “kids were asking for him.”

Dad said fine, he’d bring him back, but that this year, she was going to clean the cage and take care of him. He also told her that if he ever caught Oreo without any food again (because she’d forget to feed him for days), he was calling the Humane Society on her.

She quickly decided she didn’t want him back after all. So he’s mine now.

First thing I did when I got the news was order him a bigger cage. The cage he’s in now is way too small for a chinchilla. I spent about $215 online yesterday ordering chinchilla stuff. Good thing I hadn’t used any of the money my parents had given me for the past two Christmases.

I can’t wait until the cage gets here! I think he’ll be much happier. It’s multi-leveled because chinchillas like to jump.

When he first came to live with us, you couldn’t get near him. Chinchillas are normally sociable, but he’d been neglected for so long he didn’t like people. It’s been two months, but now he’ll crawl up onto my hands and arms if he thinks I have a raisin. He likes raisins. 🙂


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