Friday Five

I want to try to do something regularly every week, so I’ve come up with the “Friday Five” — a list of five interesting, fun or funny Web sites I’ve come across lately that I’d like to share with people.

1. If you like games, I found Shift and its sequels, Shift 2, Shift 3 and Shift 4 to be quite challenging and fun. Warning: it might mess with your head.

2. One of my favorite Web sites is Cake Wrecks, a blog for when good cakes go bad.

3. This video shows why you should never piss off a chinchilla.

4. Think you had a crappy day on the job? Head on over to Customers Suck and count your blessings.

5. And in “Oh Gimme a Break!” news, a woman is suing Brookfield Zoo, claiming their dolphins caused her slip-and-fall injuries. And in other news, water is wet.


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