It’s easy to go from high to low.

This morning I was riding a bit of a cloud from actually writing a column for the paper and being brave enough to speak up about it. And I posted a link to it on Facebook for my friends and family to read and got some good comments on it. But of course, that feeling didn’t last long.

First, this morning, I slipped sitting down at my desk and banged my leg against the corner of a drawer and it hurt. Then, this afternoon, I lift up my glasses to rub my eye (I know, you shouldn’t do that) and the nose guard just snaps right off.

*le sigh*

I had to spend all evening searching for my old glasses, which I finally found after an hour of tearing my room apart in an old purse hanging in my closet. I put them on and discover that my eyesight must have gotten a whole lot worse in the past couple of years because everything is still blurry. So tomorrow I shall have to call and make an appointment to get my eyes checked (I’m overdue anyway), and try to wear these broken glasses until I can get a new pair.

I’m still fighting with my insurance company about paying for having my wisdom teeth removed in February, plus I’m still paying my hospital bill for having my gallbladder out in December, and now I have to find some money to pay for new glasses.

And I really wanted to buy “Dollhouse” on DVD. I’ll just add it to my Christmas list for now.

Universe, why don’t you want me to have nice things??


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