I made the decision yesterday to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It’s a good thing its young, so the move wasn’t too traumatic. I’ve used Blogger in the past before, but that was before Blogspot was created. I foresee myself doing a moderate amount of blogging during my breaks at work, and Blogger and my work computer don’t always like speaking to each other. For that matter, neither does my home computer. Plus WordPress seemed to have more layout options. I like this layout, but I hope to change the top picture to one I actually took someday soon. So, hello, WordPress!

Today has been a bit traumatic. I had an appointment with the eye doctor this morning. I figured, since I broke my glasses, I might as well go ahead and have my yearly exam (that I’m almost two years overdue for). I was dreading the thought of having to buy new glasses, since I don’t really have any money right now, thanks to hospital, dentist and chinchilla bills (who knew one little rodent would be so expensive!). But, oh happy day, my prescription hadn’t changed much! And the kind folks at the eye center were kind enough to fix my glasses (for free!) after the exam. I went in expecting to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars and walked out only having spent $10 for the copay. I felt so good, I decided to treat myself to some lunch out.

It probably isn’t a good idea to drive after your eyes have been dilated, but I didn’t cause any accidents, so yay. However, I did not think things through when I made my appointment for early in the morning. The dilation drops made my eyes extremely blurry. Which… is kind of bad for a proofreader. I was handed the sports pages to proof after I got back and could only read the headlines, my eyesight was so bad. I guess you could say that the lack of foresight about my current sight is only clear in hindsight. (Okay, I totally stole that from one of my FaceBook friends, but it made me LOL. And I don’t generally LOL.)

My coworker said I look like I’ve been tripping on LSD all morning, my pupils are so big. Personally, I feel like Stevie Wonder because I’ve been wearing my shades all day, because the glare from my computer screen is so very bright.

So, as I am trying to proof the front page, holding the pages out at arms’ length so I could see the teeny-tiny type of the cutlines, the PTBs descend on my department to discuss where everyone is going to move to.

Bwuh? What is this moving you speak of? I like my corner!

Apparently, with all the new upgrades we’re getting (we have money for upgrades? Then why the hell are we taking furlough days?), the big, new, badass Monster Machine of Newspapery Awesome is, well, monstrous. They’re going to have to knock down the wall my desk is against and come out 11 to 12 feet into the newsroom. Which… will basically cut our newsroom down to half the space we have now. So we’re going to have to all push our desks together and be crammed in here like sardines. (Note to self, make sure to wear deodorant every day.)

I’m also going to lose one of my desks. I work off two desks that are shoved together in an “L” shape. There are two drawers on my main (big) desk that I’ve never been able to open because the little desk is pushed right up against them. Theoretically, I shouldn’t need little desk if I can get to those two drawers. But quite frankly, I’m afraid of what might be in those drawers. I’ve been told no one’s opened them in almost a decade. Yikes.

Supposedly this is all to make our lives easier, once Monster Machine of Newspapery Awesome and all new computers arrive. (Well, new computers for everyone but me. Once again, I get a hand-me-down; albeit a 24-INCH SCREEN hand-me-down.) Right now, it appears as though it’s going to make our lives more complicated. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to cease publication for however long it takes for them to knock down some walls and install Monster Machine of Newspapery Awesome.

I sense fun times are ahead.


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