Friday Five

TGIF! Time again for my “Friday Five.”

1. Hamlet, Facebook Edition. Ever wonder what William Shakespeare’s Facebook would look like?

2. People of Walmart. I was clicking random blogs on WordPress the other day and came across Jen on the Edge. She made me laugh. And she linked to People of Walmart, which helped me waste quite a few hours at work yesterday. Thanks, Jen!

3. Humorscopes. Forget your horoscope. Humorscope is way more fun (and sometimes, eerily accurate). My humorscope for Friday, Sept. 11? “You will mortally offend a friend today when a hilarious joke pops unbidden into your mind during your friend’s sad description of his problems.” Yeah. Been there, done that.

4. DragonCon “Thriller” Dance. Attendees at the 2009 DragonCon attempted to break the world record for the number of people dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” This video makes me miss going to cons so very much!

5. Babies Named a Bad, Bad Thing. Whatever happened to names like Mary, Thomas, John or Elizabeth? Read in horror at what some people have named their children.

I missed blogging most of last week due to the flu and will probably not get to do a whole lot next week due to the Aussie invasion. One of my cousins from Australia has arrived and is spending the week with us. It’s nice to see her again!


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