Gaming addictions

I think I have spent more time goofing  off playing Facebook games today than I have working. Not that I’m a slacker, but there just wasn’t much to do today. I am efficient!

These Facebook games are damned addictive. And there’s so many of them, I really can’t keep up. So I’m trying to keep up with just three now: Mafia Wars, Roller Coaster Kingdom and Restaurant City. I’m a sucker for the design games. Which is probably why I’m also a Webkinz addict. I’m an adult, I swear.

I’ve also got a huge hankerin’ for some RPGs, thanks to my Twitter stalking of Wil Wheaton. His last two blog entries were about gaming, specifically Munchkin (which I adore!) and the death of a beloved D&D character, which I can totally understand. I was quite attached to my last Star Wars RPG character, Vidia, who died a fiery, heroic death on our very last gaming session. The game was essentially over, but I hated that she died. At least it was a noble death, and not a silly one like when my D&D character got lost in a Bag of Holding when I was in high school. (I’m still not sure how that happened.)

The group I game with started a new system, Pirates of the Spanish Main, about a year ago. I’ve only gotten a chance to game with them the one time, but it was so much fun! And the story gave me my first novel idea I’ve had in a long time. Not that I’ll actually write it, but it was nice to have an idea… any idea. I do wish I lived closer to my gaming buddies.

It’s 45 minutes until quitting time. I wonder if I can sneak out a bit early. My boss didn’t show up at all. I guess he figured since it was National Boss’ Day, he could take a vacation day. I showed my appreciation by declaring war on him in Mafia Wars. 🙂


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