It started a few weeks ago with a desire to watch “Once More With Feeling,” from “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” season 6 (otherwise known as the Buffy musical). I’d had my “Whedon Soundtrack” (consisting of my favorite songs from the Buffy musical and Dr. Horrible) playing in my car all that week, and I just wanted to see the episode again. That led to a desire to see evil!Willow again, which in turn made me want to see the beginnings of evil!Willow in season five, when Glory sucks Tara’s mind. And thus, I have embarked upon the Great Buffy Re-watch. Though I’m watching them all out of order. Season five, season six, season seven, season four and I’m now in the middle of season one.

Watching them out of order really hits home on how cheesily bad season one really is. No wonder I didn’t start watching until season three. I’m amazed it even got a second season after that. (It probably wouldn’t have if it had been on Fox.) Thankfully, Buffy eventually grew out of its awkward beginning stage into the brilliant show it became by season five. I’m looking forward to seeing seasons two and three again, too. Spike and Faith are two of my favorite Buffy-verse characters.

I love Joss Whedon’s work. The stories are compelling and the writing is excellent. I wish I could be more eloquent than that, but I have a hard time waxing poetic or even being witty. I think that’s why I like “Buffy,” “Angel,” “Firefly” and “Dollhouse” so much. Because I wish I could be that funny. There are moments in each series where I am struck by how brilliant the writing really is. And I get hit by writers-envy. But it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it.

I really love the new series, “Dollhouse.” (New episode tonight! Yay! No more until December! Boo!) But of the four series, I think “Firefly” was the most brilliant. Or maybe I just love Nathan Fillion that much. But it’s definitely my favorite.


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