Kroger is out to get me

Kroger has started to give me a complex. Every time I find some kind of food that I not only like, but my stomach can also handle, they get rid of it a couple of weeks later.

For example, I’m supposed to be eating yogurt. I hate yogurt. But I discovered that the Fiber One vanilla yogurt tastes quite good. Not only can I no longer find it at Kroger, but it seems to have disappeared from every store in town.

I found a new Lean Cuisine meal: Asian-style potstickers. Tried it. Loved it. Can no longer buy it at Kroger.

My favorite beef teriyaki stir-fry in a bag meal disappeared months ago. It was the first one of its kind where I could eat everything in it and not pick out nasty things like peppers and broccoli.

My in-case-of-no-food-in-the-house three-cheese Totino’s pizza has been sold out for weeks.

The one Oscar Mayer Deli Creations sandwich that I liked has also been cut from Kroger’s shelves.

I know, I could shop elsewhere. But when you live in a tiny town, where Kroger is the cheapest grocery store in town and Walmart is quite a drive from the house (and besides, it’s Walmart), there aren’t a whole lot of other options.

Hmmm… maybe if I start buying up broccoli, Kroger will stop selling it and my mother will quit nagging at me to eat it…


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