A NaNo lament

I’ve always envied the drive and dedication of those brave enough to tackle National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). And I’ve always wanted to participate, but the same two problems kept popping up: One, November is a really bad month for trying to do anything “extra” what with the holiday section of the paper coming out, Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving. And two, I’ve never really had an idea for a novel.

Until now.

It figures that I’d come up with something when there’s less than a week left in November. But I’ve decided to write down notes, outlines, maybe a snippet or two of dialogue and be really prepared for next year.

I’m actually kind of excited about it. I got the idea watching an old “Angel” episode, followed by a “Ghost Hunters” episode. I’m thinking it’ll be geared more towards young adults, which means I’ll have to make it clean (I used to be really good at writing smutty scenes… this will be hard).

I have most of the basic plot already in my head… just need to work a little on the middle part. And I have another really big problem. My characters are refusing to name themselves. I hate picking out character names. Which is probably why I loved writing fanfic so much… already had character names and physical appearances (and backstory when writing canon universe).

I don’t want to name my main female character anything pretentious (like Bella Swan… don’t tell me that’s not a Mary Sue name). I think her name will be Sara Walker, but I’m still up in the air about that first name.

My main male character just does not want to be named. So right now, in my notes, he’s just “dude.”

Hopefully, Sara and dude will get their acts together over the next year so I can participate in NaNo. Fifty thousand words is a lot to write in a month, especially when it’s such a busy time of the year.


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