A conversation with my mother

Mom: “Is there anything special you’d like for Christmas?”

Me: “A Tardis to put on my desk at work.”

Mom: “What’s a Tardis?”

Me: “You know. The Doctor’s space ship? From Doctor Who?”

Mom: “So you want a model of a ship?”

Me: “Yeah. It looks like a police box.”

Mom: “It’s not a ship?”

Me: “It’s a ship. But it looks like a police box.”

Mom: “What’s a police box?”

Me: “It’s like a phone booth.”

Mom: “So it’s a phone booth.”

Me: “Sort of. You know those red, English phone booths like those people down the street have in their front yard? Like that. But blue.” (They really do have one.)

Mom: “So you want a blue phone booth. That’s really a space ship. For your desk.”

Me: “That’s right.”

Mom: “…”

Me: “…”

Mom: “So, in other words, you’d like money for Christmas.”

Me: “That’ll work, too.”


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2 responses to “A conversation with my mother

  1. Dave Barnhart

    Just send your mom these and call it a Christmas:

    (I especially enjoy the revelation on the UK site that the appropriate onomatopoeia for a Time Lord’s Faux Police Box Space Ship is “Vroop… Vroop… Vroop.” — Who knew?)

    • Caroline

      That would work if my mom knew where the power button was on the computer. That’s my whole problem. I don’t think she even knows what Google is.

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