State of the Resolutions

For 2010, I made a list of 10 geeky resolutions I’d like to keep during this first year of a new decade (or last year of the old one, depending on how you count). Let’s see how I’m doing so far.

1. Watch at least one serial featuring every incarnation of the Doctor.

UPDATE: Well, I’ve watched the very first serial featuring the very first Doctor. So… progress, I guess.

2. Give “Battlestar Galactica” a try.

UPDATE: Does it count as progress if I’ve added it to my Netflix queue?

3. Buy and play a real game for my Wii.

UPDATE: No progress. Ugh. I will never be a gamer girl.

4. Update and use my iPod.

UPDATE: Well, I have gone through most of my CDs, putting them into my iTunes. Just a few left and I’ll be ready to stick them all on my iPod.

5. Read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

UPDATE: Finished Eclipse. Halfway through Breaking Dawn. I will finish this monstrosity or die trying! (And since Breaking Dawn keeps giving me paper cuts, I’m starting to think it’s out to get me.)

6. Go see Iron Man 2 in the theater.

UPDATE: Not in theaters yet. Don’t have to worry about this one until May.

7. Update Twitter and the blog more often.

UPDATE: Some days I blow up Twitter. Somedays I got nothin’. As for the blog… man, I tell you. Nothing makes you realize just how boring you are than trying to come up with a topic to blog about.

8. Catalogue my Barbie collection.

UPDATE: God, I’m lazy. Haven’t done this one either.

9. Teach my mother how to use email and Facebook.

UPDATE: Beginning to think this will never happen.

10. Try to work on my sci-fi story, “The Lonely Gods.”

UPDATE: The day I actually have free time to work on something is the day I’ll probably be out looking for a new job.


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