One shall fall…

This week’s episode of GeekBits discussed the 2009 Golden Raspberry (Razzie) nominations. “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen” is up for Worst Picture of 2009. I must respectfully disagree.

I guess I just don’t understand why people don’t like the second installment of “Transformers.” Many folks say they had a problem with the plot. And I have to ask these people, did you really go see this movie for a scintillating plot? Because I know I didn’t. I went to see it for the giant robots.

Do you really want to tell Optimus his movie was worse than 'Land of the Lost'?

I watched a lot of “Transformers” as a kid. Looking back, the cartoons I remember most are the ones my brother liked to watch. “Transformers,” “Super Friends,” “MASK,” “He-Man.” I can’t really seem to recall any of the girly cartoons I liked. But these stick with me.

Most of my friends don’t like in my Small Town, so I usually go to the movies by myself. I remember going to the first “Transformers” movie alone, sitting in a sparsely-crowded theater a few weeks after it had opened, realizing I was pretty much the only adult girl in the theater. Then the lights dimmed,  and Peter Cullen’s voice boomed out from the speakers and I started crying.

Hearing Optimus speak brought back so many childhood memories of watching the cartoon and playing with my brother’s toys. I settled in for the fun adventure and left the theater with a spring in my step and feeling so utterly euphoric at finally seeing “Transformers” on the big screen.

Two years later, I stood in line opening weekend for “Transformers 2.” I don’t like seeing movies on opening weekend. I don’t like crowds. But I couldn’t wait to see this movie. And it was fun. And I left the theater feeling not quite as euphoric as I had with the first movie, because that kind of feeling can only happen the first time, but still feeling pretty darn happy.

I probably couldn’t have told you what the movie was about, plot wise, but that wasn’t the reason I went to see “Transformers 2” in the first place. Seeing the Autobots and Decepticons on the big screen, looking so real and larger than life, just took me to my happy place.

I don’t think “Transformers 2” was the best movie of 2009. It wasn’t even my favorite of the year, as “Star Trek” blew everything else out of the water for me. But I don’t think it deserves to be amongst the worst either.

Not that my opinion counts for much on the Internets. But I think “Land of the Lost” should win just for existing, and for destroying another fond childhood memory.

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