Barbie brings chic to geek

Barbie and I go back. Way back. We’ve been in a relationship for nearly 30 years. But like all relationships, sometimes we don’t always see eye to eye. She can be shallow. She’s way too into designer clothing. And her panties are painted on.

Barbie has also had well over 100 different careers in her 50+ years of existence, from stewardess to President of the United States. Some may think that’s quite an accomplishment, but to me, that just means she can’t hold a job. In 2009 alone, she pursued a myriad of careers that included being a gymnastics coach, vet, NASCAR driver, Sea World trainer, wedding stylist and rock star.

Math isn't so tough when you have a fancy, high-speed laptop to do the calculations for you.

Though I suppose it might not be entirely her fault. People are losing their jobs left and right in this economy and some have had to reinvent themselves, pursuing entirely new careers. After her singing career tanked faster than Brittney Spears’ comeback, she did a brief stint as a cat burglar. But, as a role model for young girls who strive to emulate her large chest and freakishly narrow waist, Barbie has decided to clean up her act and get a new job. And as is reporting, Barbie’s 125th career will now be as a computer engineer. Complete with pink laptop and sparkly tights.

Well. I guess she finally got over that whole “Math class is tough!” thing.

Still, it’s nice to see Barbie in a more technical and, OK, geeky career. Though she looks more geek chic than geek. I mean, all the computer engineers and technicians I know prefer loose-fitting jeans and T-shirts with various sci-fi references on them to sparkly spandex and pastel colored baby-doll tees. But she’s still Barbie, and Barbie is nothing if not a fashionista.

Geek is in. No longer are we geeks confined to our parents’ basements (some of us live upstairs!), speaking in our own secret and L337 language, giggling over in-jokes only other geeks would get. Thanks to shows like “The Big Bang Theory,” comic book heroes coming to life on the big screen and James Cameron, geek is the new cool. And Mattel and Barbie are hoping to cash in by embracing this growing subculture.

And I guess I can’t blame her. At least she’s trying to make something of herself with a real job. Unlike her ex, Ken, who has totally flipped his wig (literally) and is now a Palm Beach Sugar Daddy.

(Though ten bucks says Barbie is actually using her shiny pink laptop to create LOLcats.)

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