To the parents of 357 WVQ

To the parents of the teenage girl with Knox County plates 357 WVQ:

I hope you are prepared to lose a child.

From the way your daughter was acting behind the wheel as we sat behind her at the busy intersection,  it is only a matter of time before she causes an accident that will possibly claim her life. Bouncing up and down in her seat and chatting wildly to her three teenage passengers, your daughter was completely oblivious to the green arrow for those of us waiting to turn left. And while I admit I found it annoying, enough to use my horn, which I never do, the fact that she and her little friends decided to all turn around and glare at me, rather than realizing the light was green, does not make me think she will live much longer.

Is having fun with your friends really worth this?

Even when the green arrow disappeared, we still had a green light and no oncoming traffic. But your daughter decided discussing the audacity of the person behind you bepping at her was more important than utilizing the green light.

By the time the light turned green again, she was finally paying attention… enough to whip around the corner at unsafe speeds, in a school zone I might add, and proceed down the four-lane, weaving her way in and out of traffic without using a turn signal. More evidence that she does not value her life, nor the lives of her passengers, none of whom appeared bright enough to be wearing a seat belt.

So I hope you are prepared to lose your daughter. And if she is lucky to survive the accident she most likely will cause, I hope you are prepared to be the parent of a daughter who killed one of her friends, or worse, some innocent driver unlucky enough to be on the road while your daughter is driving.

If your daughter is lucky, she will survive the accident. But be prepared to become her caregiver for life, if her injuries are severe enough to cause brain damage. If she is really, really lucky, she will not have an accident at all. But I would not put money on it, based on what I saw this afternoon.

If you value your child’s life, take away her license, car, driving priveleges and enroll her in a driving class. Or if unwilling to do so, forbid her to allow passengers into her car. At the very least, let the parents of her friends know of her bad driving habits. Because if you don’t care about your daughter’s life, at least have the dignity to allow her friends’ parents a chance to save their children’s lives.

A fellow driver who has to travel the same roads as your daughter

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