Friday Five: Giving it the ol’ college try

I really want to try and start a regular thing on this blog; otherwise, I might never get into the groove of posting on a regular basis. So I’m attempting to revive the whole “Friday Five” thing I started a few months ago. I see some amazing things during the week posted on Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal… so on Fridays I want to start putting up a list of five really cool things folks may have missed during the week. Please bear with me as I try to get into the groove of this. 🙂

1. ‘Lost’ meets ‘Baywatch’

I’ve been really, really into ‘Lost’ this season. Perhaps it’s because I know it’s going to finally end, or perhaps the writers finally found a direction to take the show in… whatever the reason, ‘Lost’ is hot, and this ‘Lost’/’Baywatch’ mash-up made me laugh. And made me realize just how much I’m going to miss this show.

Source: Scifi Squad

It’s time for Lil’ Guildies time!

2. ‘Lil Guildies’

Yesterday, Felicia Day announced on Twitter that work would soon begin on a new animated show based on her hit Web (and now comic book) series ‘The Guild.’ The Tiny Toons-style ‘Lil Guildies’ will feature the adventures of the Knights of Good as children, complete with a Fetus-Bladezz. We were given a sneak-peek at the opening sequence with its snappy theme song. I’m sure it was just a coincidence this was posted on April Fools’ Day.

Source: Tubefilter News


If you’re anything like me, you’re counting down the days until the new ‘Doctor Who’ season airs on BBC America (even if I am still unsure of this new guy). A shot of the new TARDIS interior was posted online, and if you’re looking for a fun way to count down the days, check out 11 Days of the Doctor… in LEGO.

Source: RadioTimes, TheBritishBafoon on Flickr

4. A more accurate pain chart

I hate it when doctors ask me to rate my pain on a scale from 1 to 10. I don’t know what a 10 is supposed to feel like. They asked me to rate my pain when I had my gallbladder out. WORST PAIN IN MY LIFE, but I don’t think it would have rated a 10. I wish I’d had this handy chart with me at the time. I could have told them it was around a 6. Possibly a 7. Definitely not a Too Serious For Numbers.

Source: Hyperbole and a Half

5. This alphabet is badass. Seriously.

This is actually from last week, but I couldn’t not add the Most Badass Alphabet Ever, just in case someone out there missed it. Personally, my favorite is “D.”

Source: Unreality Magazine

Happy Friday!

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