Friday Five: Star Wars and 8-bit nostalgia

I love Twitter. I love the people I follow. They share the most interesting things. Mind-blowing things. Things that make you go, “Holy crap, that is the epitome of cool!” So thank you, Twitter, for bringing me the following links this week!

1. Galactic Empire State of Mind

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys apparently teamed up for a song called “Empire State of Mind.” I’ve never heard it. It’s not my kind of music. But the Star Wars-themed parody “Galactic Empire State of Mind” was right up my ally.

8 million asteroids, where’d your little ship go?
Get me to Cloud City, I got Lando on my payroll…

Dancing stormtroopers are always fun.

Source: College Humor

I'm sure I'm not the only who wishes this game really existed.

2. 8-Bit Dr. Horrible

Just when I thought nothing could top Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” (except, perhaps, talk of a full-length movie sequel), Felicia Day let us know about “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Game,” brought to you in nostalgic 8-bit format. And it’s only part 1, which, hopefully, means parts 2 and 3 will be coming soon!

Source: Doctor Octoroc


Hmm, this category may start becoming a regular thing. Yes, I’m that obsessed. The new season of “Doctor Who” started over the weekend in England. Here in Yankee land, we have to wait until next weekend. That’s OK. I’m actually being patient for a change. But I was excited to hear that there will be four additional episodes in this new season — in the form of four online games. The project has been commissioned for BBC Online, so I hope those of us in the States will have access to them. According to the press release:

These four new adventures will take the form of downloadable computer games available for PC and Mac, in which players assume control of the Doctor and Amy as they embark on new adventures which complement the new TV series.

Interesting, very interesting. Color me intrigued.

Source: Destructoid

4. When Pixels Attack

The io9 Web site titled this one “the coolest thing you’ll see all day.” And they were right. Watch what happens when old-school video games attack New York in “Pixels: Retro Gamers.” Personally, I loved the Tetris blocks best. This and the 8-Bit Dr. Horrible have made me yearn for some good, old-fashioned 8-bit gaming.

Source: io9

5. Feudal Japanese Star Wars Art

The fine, fun folks over at The Power Geeks podcast pointed me in the direction of the wonderful, amazing art of Steve Bialik, in which he melds characters from the Stars Wars universe with feudal Japanese artwork. Move over, Hokusai. If given the opportunity, I’d replace your prints on my wall with one of these.

Source: The Power Geeks, Buzzfeed

Can’t wait to see what goodies my Twitter feed brings me next week!

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3 responses to “Friday Five: Star Wars and 8-bit nostalgia

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  2. Great blog post! Why haven’t I thought of a “cool things from Twitter” post yet? I mark tweets as favorites on Twitter all the time. Love the concept!

    D.A. Schweiss (@QuietRumbling)

    • Caroline

      Today’s just all happened to come from Twitter. I find a lot of cool stuff on Facebook and Livejournal too. Sometimes I have no idea how people find some of this stuff, but I’m glad they do!

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