Friday Five: Mmm… bacon

Twitter was a goldmine of fun sites and news this week! It was hard to narrow down everything that was shared to just five, but these were the five fun things that amused me the most this week.

1. 8-Bit Dr. Horrible, Act 2

This just keeps getting better and better. It has all the feel for those old Nintendo games we used to play, with all the charm of the Web musical. Plus, bonus round! Act 2 is divided into two parts on YouTube — Act 2, Part 1 and Act 2, Part 2.

Source: Doctor Octoroc

The pork is strong with this one.

2. Bacon AT-AT

I love Star Wars. I love bacon. I just am not sure the two should meet. Or should that be meat? Anyway, someone apparently thinks otherwise.

“The Bacon AT-AT stands 3 ft tall and is made with over 40 lbs of bacon.”

Many pigs died to bring us this creation.

Source:  This Is Freaking Ridiculous

3. Whack Your Boss

Everyone experiences some frustration at work. It’s natural. But someone has created a very fun, interactive way to relieve some of that frustration. Now, I happen to like my boss, but that didn’t stop me from finding all 20 ways to whack the boss in the game. I just imagined some other annoying person in the boss’ place … not that I’m a violent person. (After you’ve whacked your boss for a while, listen to his entire berating speech. It’s hilarious!)

Source: Winkler Daily

4. The Most Epic Cross Stitches Ever

Now, I know yesterday I made a post about how I don’t mind not being a girly-girl. But I do have some girly hobbies. I cross stitch. It’s a soothing, relaxing hobby that I can do while I watch TV at night. But I work from kits. Other people can create their own. I’m jealous. Especially when that creativity includes Mario, Tetris and Chuck Norris.

Source: The Huffington Post

5. Death of the Web site

I only heard about this this morning, but it made me too freakin’ excited. I know this may only be of interest to copy editors and journalists, but the AP Stylebook has officially killed “Web site,” changing it to “website.” Not the most dramatic news, but when you’ve been adding a space and capitalizing the W in the word in press releases for over seven years, learning that an end to that repetitiveness is in sight is cause for celebration!

Now, AP Stylebook, how about eliminating that hyphen from e-mail?

Source: Mashable

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