5 TV crossovers I’d love to see

A couple of issues ago, TV Guide had a feature where the actors from “Lost” were asked which TV shows they’d like to see their character end up in after “Lost” ends. And some of the answers made me totally want to see it happen. Benjamin Linus on “The Big Bang Theory”? Sayid on “True Blood”? Yes, please!

But that got me thinking as to what other shows I would love to see have crossover episodes. And since I love making lists, I decided to make one of the five TV mash-ups I’d most like to see happen. I decided to only use shows currently on the air, as the possibilities would have nearly been endless had I used beloved shows that had already gone by the wayside.

Big damn crime writers

1. Bones x Castle

Just think about it. Bones and Castle are both mystery writers. Booth and Beckett are both in law enforcement. Bones would probably appreciate the general attractiveness of Rick Castle but would point out forensic anthropology inconsistencies in his books. Castle would obviously be fascinated by how literal Bones is. Booth and Beckett would probably get into a pissing contest at some point, but would ultimately find common ground. And there would be flirting. Lots of flirting. On both sides.

2. The Big Bang Theory x The Guild

OK, I know that “The Guild” is technically not a TV show, but I own the DVDs, so it plays on my TV. Just go with it. How fun would it be to watch these two groups of social misfits meet? Perhaps even as rival guilds (though I doubt TBBT boys could rival the Axis of Anarchy). Zaboo would definitely try to hit on Penny, while Howard would try (and fail) to impress Codex and Tink. Vork and Sheldon could bond in their stoicism. And the best part? Evil Wil Wheaton is in both series.

3. Ghost Hunters x Medium

Jason: If there’s anybody there, could you please knock?
Allison: *rolls eyes*
Grant: Could you please knock louder?
Allison: Yeah, the spirits asked me if you could keep it down a little. They’re trying to watch “Ghost Whisperer.”

4. House x Grey’s Anatomy

Please, please, please let this happen someday! House would absolutely slaughter all of those self-absorbed “doctors” at Seattle Grace. I would pay money to see this happen.

5. Doctor Who x Caprica

OK, I will admit I’ve not seen one episode of “Caprica.” Yet. I’ve just started season 4 of “Battlestar Galactica.” But I know the general premise. I can only imagine what the Doctor would have to say about creating cybernetic lifeforms. I dare say he has had a bit of experience with similar beings in the past. But that might change the timeline to where BSG never happened. Wait, is that really a bad thing? (Yes, I said it.)

Sadly, none of these shows are on the same networks, so I know my chances of ever seeing any of these are slim to none. But a girl can dream. And read fanfiction.

What dream TV crossovers do you have?

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