5 years ’til hoverboards!

My friends on Facebook love joining groups. “I know I’m weird. I accept that.” “I don’t feel like folding my laundry so I just restart the dryer.” “Dear sleep, I know we had problems when I was younger, but now I love you.” A lot of these make me laugh. Sometimes they make me think.

One of my friends recently joined “the world won’t end in 2012 because Marty McFly went to 2015.” That one made me think.

To be honest, I don't know if my heart (or my bladder) could take scary holographic movies.

Twenty-one years ago, I remember sitting in the theater, watching Marty McFly travel to the year 2015 to rescue his son, Marty McFly Jr., from Griff Tannen, Biff’s grandson. How awesome was the future? Flying cars. Robotic gas stations. Food hydrators. HOVERBOARDS!

But it got me thinking. This is 2010. 2015 is only five years away. R&D departments need to step it up to get all these things out by 2015!

Sure, some of the stuff in the movie have come to pass. We do have games where you don’t need to use your hands. If you’re filthy rich, you can get your home automated. And while thumbprint technology isn’t quite here yet, many people can make mobile payments using cell phones.

Remember the holographic Jaws that popped out of the movie theater and tried to eat Marty? Not there yet, but with the recent strides in 3-D technology (thank you, Avatar), can holographic movies be far behind?

But fine years… can we really get flying cars in five years? Think of all the arial infrastructure we’d have to build. But I can live without flying cars. Forget flying cars, people. Start working on that hoverboard technology! Most of us 30-somethings are still drooling over the possibility of owning our own hoverboard. We expect them to hit the shelves by 2015, or else Back to the Future II was all a dirty LIE!

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