Divided we fall

I dislike talking politics. Mostly because I tend to get too emotional and I’m afraid someday I’ll lose my cool and beat someone’s head against a wall for sheer idiocy. I’m a hard-left liberal Democrat and proud of it. But I’ve tried hard to not talk politics, especially lately. Especially after a certain incident with a former friend that I will not go into, but still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I did not want my blog to be a bitch-blog. I have my locked-down LiveJournal for that.


You right-wingers who are so hung up on stupid things like birth certificates. You make me angry. You make me want to stab things. You make me weep for this country.

President Obama was born in Hawaii. Get over it. President Obama is a natural-born citizen. It does not matter that his father was not. Get over it. He is our rightful president, elected by the people (which is more than you can say for the last guy).

Get over it.

And you. You morons. You so-call “Christians.” Shame on you. Shame on you for joining groups like the one of Facebook called “DEAR LORD, THIS YEAR YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE ACTOR, PATRICK SWAYZIE. YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE ACTRESS, FARAH FAWCETT. YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE SINGER, MICHAEL JACKSON. I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW, MY FAVORITE PRESIDENT IS BARACK OBAMA. AMEN.” Praying for another human being’s death?

You make me sick.

This is why I want nothing to do with your religion or your party. This is why our country is so divided right now. Instead of entering into a realistic debate over how to solve the problems of our country, or even just praying for our leaders to find a way out of the mess we’re in, you pray for the president’s death? Really?

Grow. The fuck. Up.

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12 responses to “Divided we fall

  1. The Center Square

    I’m glad I found your post. I think you speak for a lot of Americans. Not just about the stupidities of the right-wing fringe, but a lot of the same can be said about the left-wing fringe, too. I think, for example, of the whispers that George Bush was a traitor to his country who was in cahoots with the Saudi’s and somehow instigated 9/11.

    I’m at the point where the entire political class makes me sick. We don’t need people being less “conservative” or less “liberal.” We need people to stop being led by the noses by political leaders from both sides of the aisle. We need to start thinking for ourselves. Just like you do.

    Stay cool!

    • Left-wing fringe is by no means innocent. That crazy 9/11 conspiracy crap is …. well, crazy. It just seems like the hard right-wingers get crazier by the day. And it’s really starting to freak me out.

  2. The country is way to divided. It is all congress`s fault. If they would just work togather, the country would be less divided. And the tea party is starting to scare me.

    • Right now, I do believe the Democrats are trying harder than Republicans at trying to fix what’s wrong. They’ve reached out to Republicans, but all they’ve gotten in response is “Talk to the hand!” Think of how much more could have been accomplished this past year if they’d all worked together from the beginning.

  3. Mary Ann Mattox

    Oh my gosh thank you for that! The most evil words and thoughts I’ve ever heard in my life… have come from Christians! They are SO mean – they are SO judgmental even though even according to them, only God can judge – they resort to acting like children sometimes! It’s impossible to even have a normal conversation with some of them… they blow up, name-call, and always throw God in there somehow. Is God a Republican?
    I feel that I’m a very nice, fair, and open-minded person.. I have never left an angry or judgmental comment on anyone’s page, but when I even say anything at all where people can tell I don’t hate Obama, they will attack me harshly for my beliefs, with all caps, with 20 exclamations marks. And I STILL remain calm and polite to them throughout this entire childish fit. Do they not notice how ridiculous they make themselves look? Do they not realize that you can disagree with someone and have a rational discussion about this disagreement, WITHOUT disrespecting the other person and without getting so angry that you want to blow their heads off? Do they not realize that having a disagreement with someone can actually be a learning experience if they’d just open up their minds and listen? Do they not realize that uhh-ohhh, they could actually be wrong about something, and perhaps be open to knowing the truth? I do not think that they realize this, or care to either, and would rather remain as they are. That’s we need to accept as well, that having an intelligent conversation with them does no good – they do not care what you say – if it does not agree with what they think, that means you are 100% wrong, even if what you’re saying is right.

    • I am just so frustrated these days. Nothing is getting done in Washington due to the party of no. And then I see people who claim to be Christians act like anything but. They say it’s just a joke and we have no sense of humor, but they’ll just have to forgive me if I don’t find praying for the death of another person funny.

      • Mary Ann Mattox

        Some of the posts on that Facebook page are violent… and the other people are encouraging it and laughing. Umm, ok. I really hope Facebook takes it down at some point. It’s encouraging increasingly evil and violent thoughts and behavior, and SOME of those people are wacky enough to probably want to kill him themselves – if they wanted help, hey, they’ve got over 1 million friends to help just sitting right there in that Facebook group, haha. The scariest part of it is the number of members that hate group has… I was in shock to see how many people would click “Like” to that.

        They say “free speech” but Facebook is not a government site, it’s a private site with clear rules against allowing hate speech, which is why I’m confused as to why it’s still up. If they would just read through the postings and content on it….

        If you’re a Christian and on this page, you should be ashamed. God is not about hate – he is love and I seriously doubts he approves – he probably put that page there as a test, and you’ve failed miserably. If you’re not Christian or totally non-religious and on this page, you should be ashamed – you’re just an evil person with an awful sense of humor if you seriously think that’s funny, no common sense, perhaps jobless even (I’d possibly get fired for joining that group, and that is not a joke)… do you even have any friends?

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  5. Kevin D.

    I would just like to say, I’ve never been much of a blog reader, but, I love getting the RSS stream that you’ve posted a new blog.

    Yours I read as soon as I can.

    keep up the good work Caroline!!

  6. Mary Ann Mattox

    Agreed w/ Kevin… and I know you don’t like to talk about politics, but wow, this post was just wonderful! Feel free to talk about other serious issues :))

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