Friday Five: Get ‘Lost’

As I’m typing this, there’s still two hours left in Friday… so it’s not too late to post my Friday Five, right? I had today off today and planned to get so much done. And then I overslept until almost lunch time and my day just went to hell after that. Never did catch up. But there’s always tomorrow.

It’s funny. When I was in my 20s I could stay up all night. Now that I’m in my 30s, I can’t wait to go to bed. So I’ll just jump right in. Sooner done, sooner to sleep. 🙂

1. ABC extends ‘Lost’ finale

This better not be a Bobby Ewing, snowglobe, waking up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette kind of ending. Or heads will roll.

No spoilers, but if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of ‘Lost’ yet, have some tissues ready. The writers aren’t holding back any punches for this show’s final season it seems. ‘Lost’ was such a great show when it started. Then it suffered from dragging plots in later seasons, especially thanks to the writers strike. I almost gave up on it, but stuck with it because I knew it would end someday. And that day is almost upon us. And now that it is, I find myself not wanting it to ever end! Lucky for us, ABC has allowed the show’s producers to extend the finale to 2 and a half hours. That’s right, an extra half hour in which to RIP OUT MY HEART. *sob*

Source: The Live Feed

2. Muppets meet ‘Lost’ creators

I’m not the only one giving the writers and creators of ‘Lost’ a hard time. Check out this video of a couple of Muppets crashing their planning session for the final episodes. Give ’em hell, Rizzo!

Source: MTV Movies Blog

3. Raising money for hot, ass-kicking chicks

Stephen Baldwin isn’t my favorite Baldwin. Sure, he was OK in Biodome. Which is a bad movie. But he’s done worse. Much worse. And now he’s broke. And raising money. Because of Jesus and stuff. Or something. But there’s someone else who also deserves some money. Joss Whedon. Not because he needs it. But because he’s awesome. Really. Watch the video and see if you don’t agree.

Source: io9

4. LEGO Star Wars trilogy

May 4th was Star Wars Day. What’s better than Star Wars? LEGO Star Wars! What’s better than LEGO Star Wars? How about the entire Star Wars trilogy (the good one) told in two minutes… in LEGO. “Whaddup, son?” I did learn a valuable lesson. Don’t watch while drinking, because inhaling liquid is not a pleasant experience.

Source: Huffington Post

5. Remake of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’

Last week we had Gaga a capella. This week, it’s a remake of her video ‘Telephone’ as performed by soldiers in Afghanistan. I don’t know what my fascination with Lady Gaga has been of late, but I do know I really enjoy the remakes.

Source: malibumelcher on YouTube

Enjoy the weekend!

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