Quick Take: ‘Lost’

It's not a good-bye. It's a see you later.


I had to get this all down before I went to sleep. This is my quick take on the finale of “Lost.”

“Lost” was Jack’s story. It wasn’t about the island, it was about Jack and the people he came into contact with. Which is why we didn’t get any answers as to what the island really was. Because that didn’t matter. It was about redemption, which everyone on Oceanic Flight 815 needed. So when Jack found redemption, and he died, that was the end of the story.

The island was real. Everything that happened there, happened. Sideways world was a staging area for the Losties after they died. It didn’t matter when they died. In season 1 or years from now as old men and women, when they died, they all collectively went to this waiting area because they were all so closely bound in life. Death is a little bumpy, so they needed to help each other remember so they could all move on as a family.

Even though really none of the mysteries of the island were solved, I am at peace with the show and am pleased with the ending.

Though I do wish it weren’t over.

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2 responses to “Quick Take: ‘Lost’

  1. Kevin D.


    Here was my take on it. Banged it out quickly this morning. There are a lot more things I to think about and study before my final opinion. But I just have to say, I LOVED IT!!! I could not have asked for a better finale to a wonderful show. Also tagged you in the note via facebook. i would love to hear your thoughts later as well. Now that you’ve slept on it hehe

    • Kevin D.

      not sure why that link didn’t work…you can copy/paste it to your browser and it’ll take you there…

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