Friday Five: Serious time killers

This Friday’s offerings are going to be short and sweet, since we have Monday off, but there’s still a paper that needs putting out, so we have to get it all done today. Man, it takes a lot of extra work just to get a day off sometimes.

Floor plan may or may not be to scale, depending on date and spacial location.

1. Tardis blueprints

The Doctor’s Tardis, being bigger on the inside, is, of course, boundless, but one Doctor Who fan attempted to map at least a portion of it in a gorgeous and imaginative manual titled “A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change).” You have to see it to believe it.


2. Bizarre Websites On Which You Can Kill Time With Style

Seriously, if you’re as busy as we are today, don’t go to this site. Definitly do NOT check out Record Tripping. Definitely do NOT play with the Ball Pool. And if you want to get any work done at all, stay AWAY from Flame.

Source: Smashing Magazine

3. Rediscovering Back to the Future

Sometimes, rewatching old movies or TV shows lets you see details you never noticed before. And sometimes you need the Internet to show you details you never noticed before, but should have, because it’s amazingly cool. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never noticed this detail in Back to the Future. I hadn’t either, and neither did most of my Twitter feed.

Source: joblocom on Twitpic

4. Amazing sand painting

Have some tissues handy before you watch this. Kseniya Simonova won the Ukraine version of “America’s Got Talent” by using a light box, music and sand to show the German occupation of the Ukraine during World War II. I can’t understand the words, but the emotion comes through loud and clear.

Source: LeyteGroup on YouTube, via @QuietRumbling

5. Iron Baby

Like Iron Man? Like babies? Then you’ll love Iron Baby! She’s kicking bunny ass and taking names and does it all before nap time. Hmm, wonder where I could get one of those baby Iron Man suits for my nephew…

Source: PatrickBoivin on YouTube, via @gkbts

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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2 responses to “Friday Five: Serious time killers

  1. Also a great way to kill some time in the afternoon after you boss leaves….Office HORSE. We used a stress ball and a garbage can… shots count as do overhand/underhand/and backwards lol

  2. Thank you for sharing that TARDIS blueprint. Hilarious.

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