The aloof and wary mother of the brood.

We live in what you might call an “affluent neighborhood.” But trust me, my family is not “affluent.” We were just the first ones to build over here. I don’t think we’d be allowed in the subdivision if we’d tried today.

Anyway, we don’t particularly like our neighbors, as you might imagine. Oh, the neighbors to the immediate right, left and across the street are nice enough, but most of the people who live here are uptight busybodies.

Twin #1 is a bit shy.

However, about a month ago, we noticed a new family had moved in behind us. At first we thought it was just a single mom and her child, but last week, we noticed she had not one, but two children. Identical twins. We figure each time we’d seen Mama and one of her children, we probably had been seeing both kids, not knowing there was a twin hanging about unseen.

Twin #2 is a more in-your-face kind of owl.

They’re pretty good daytime neighbors. They’re pretty quiet. But a night. Hoo-boy! They are downright party animals. Calling to each other in the night, sometimes right outside our windows. But, since they pretty much keep to themselves, we don’t mind… too much.

The kids are cute. Mama is a bit aloof, but she tolerates our presence. I guess we don’t mind so much that they live in our backyard. I hope we can get along.

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