Friday Five: Hello Vader!

Someone toss me a fail whale. I let last Friday come and go without doing a Friday Five. I blame having the day off and generally being lazy. I should be punished. I should be given a good spanking! And after the spanking, the oral s…. wait. Maybe that’s not the best movie to be quoting in a public blog.

As penance for my sins, I offer up a double dose of Internet goodies.

1. How ‘Lost’ should have ended

It’s been a few weeks since “Lost” ended, but I still can’t get it out of my mind. It was a hell of an ending. Can’t really think of how the writers could have ended it any better. But apparently, the folks over at could. Because this is the way it really should have ended. (Warning: some spoilers for the final episode… but it’s so freakin’ cool!)


Awwwwww! Hello Vader!

2. Star Wars demotivational posters

I’m a pessimist living in a cynical world. There are very few things that keep me from committing seppuku and ending it all. Demotivational posters are one. Star Wars is another. Demotivational Star Wars posters? Epic. I have gained the will to live another day.

Source: Furious Fanboys

3. The (Illustrated) Hitchhiker’s Guide to Daleks

It’s nice to know that the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy includes Daleks. Watch this instructional video to learn everything you ever wanted to know (and some things you didn’t) about this evil war machine race.

Source: SCI FI Wire

4. The ultimate Internet video

Both the bank OK Go and the Muppets have gathered quite a large following on the Interwebs. At the recent Webby Awards program, the two groups got to meet… with some interesting results. Let me just say I doubt the band members of OK Go will be making any more bets with Animal.

Source: Huffington Post

5. Amazing acrobatics

If ‘America’s Got Talent’ actually had people with talent, I imagine they’d be something like this group of young men. I dare you to watch this video and not exclaim, “Holy crap!” (Warning: Men, this may make you wince a little. Hell, it made me wince a little and I don’t have dangly bits.)

Source: siwayvideo on YouTube

6. Best. Headline. EVER.

Working in the newspaper business, you live in fear of writing bad headlines. No thanks, in large part, to Jay Leno. But sometimes you come across a rare gem of a story that lets you throw all that caution to the wind. Well played, Evening Herald.

Source: debonbon on TwitPic

7. Star Trek: Tik Tok

I dislike Ke$ha. Of course, I didn’t know who the hell she was up until a couple of months ago. But I don’t like that style of music. I find it irritatingly grating on my ears. However, this video just proves that adding Classic Trek to any song can make it awesome.

Source: MissSheenie on YouTube

8. Backyard Millennium Falcon

I have a family of owls in my backyard. One special little kid has the freakin’ Millennium Falcon in his. Whose backyard is cooler? I like owls, but I think Christopher’s yard wins hands down. The folks at the Make-a-Wish Foundation are truly amazing for the joy they bring to these children.

Source: io9

In my first attempt, I was the "Nerdy Virgin." Figured "Bookworm" was more accurate. *cough*

9. Scott Pilgrim avatar creator

I always feel like I’m a day late and a dollar short, especially when it comes to pop culture. I didn’t know who Scott Pilgrim was until the movie trailers hit the Internet. But it looks intriguing. I may have to catch it when it hits theaters. While we wait, you can create your own Scott Pilgrim avatar. Fun!

Source: Scott Pilgrim: The Movie

10. Epic Facebook update

I’m a Facebook addict. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? These folks, however, are Facebook masters. I wish I could be this cool. Maybe if I stopped playing all those stupid Facebook games… but I doubt that would help.

Source: jennyblumberg on Twitter

Whew! Done! Honestly, it takes twice the work to make up for being a slacker… and yet I never seem to learn from my mistakes.

Hope everyone has a non-sucky weekend!

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