Friday Five: No love for Vader

So, all hell broke loose in my little town this week, which, while fun, was quite distracting. Also, many of my Twitter folks are at San Diego Comic Con this week. (I hate you all.) (OK, not really.) So my Internet goodies were slim this week. But I managed to dig up five fun things to share.

A real Sith Lord would have used a lightsaber. Or the Force.

1. It’s hard out there for a Sith

Even the mighty Galactic Empire doesn’t seem to be immune from the current economic crisis. Times must be really tough if Darth Vader has had to resort to holding up banks. Or maybe someone’s just trying to pin this crime on Lord Vader, since no self-respecting Sith lord would deign to use a gun, especially one that wasn’t even a holdout blaster.

Source: Gothamist

2. Geeks vs. WBC

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know how much I love to hate dislike a lot Westboro Baptist “church.” I believe they are nothing more than cowardly, bullying publicity whores. So when they decided to show up and picket Comic Con, well, you can guess how well that sat with my fellow geeks and geekettes. The counter-protest was truly epic. Rock on, my fellow nerds.

Source: Techland

3. New Spice

I have proclaimed my everlasting love for the Old Spice Man on more than one occasion. (Honestly, I think he’s ruined anyone else for me.) But this parody promoting the Harold B. Lee Library is pure genius. Old Spice Man, you have my heart, but New Spice Guy, you speak to my intellectual side. ❤

Source: hbllproduction on YouTube


I love geek shirts. But, if you know me, you know that I have a hard time finding ones that fit because of, erm… well, let’s just say they don’t always fit right across the chest. So whenever I can, I show off my geek pride in other ways… keychains, cookie jars and jewelry. So you can imagine how much I drooled over Jezebel Charms’ line of “Doctor Who” jewelry. SO. MUCH. WANT. Check out their Etsy store and drool with me.

Source: Jezebel Charms

5. Darth Vader calls about his iPhone

Poor Darth. Not only has he resorted to robbing banks, he can’t even get a decent signal off his new iPhone. Even using all his powers of the Dark Side, he can’t get any satisfaction from Apple’s help desk.

Source: ruliarch on YouTube

It’s been a hot, hot week, both in the news business and in temperatures. Hopefully, the temperatures will cool down soon. The news business can stay hot. Keeps things interesting!

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  1. Darth Vader is my hero.

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