Friday (the 13th) Five

Um, so. I kinda skipped the last two Fridays. The first one, I was off work and didn’t have an opportunity to get online. Last Friday, I just didn’t feel good. So, I’m sorry. You can spank me with wet noodles at your convenience.

1. Real ghosts plague ‘Being Human’

It’s Friday the 13th! Ooooooh! This one’s for all you triskaidekaphobes out there who are also Anglophiles with a love of British television. If you watch BBC’s ‘Being Human,’ you know the basic plot: a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who share a flat while struggling to maintain their humanity. It’s good stuff. But what’s even better is the idea that the set might actually be haunted. Someone get GHI over there, stat!

Source: Anglophenia

"You got your Star Trek in my Serenity!"

2. When fandoms collide

This was posted all over Twitter a while back. But it was just so awesome, I had to share it here, in case any ‘Star Trek’/’Firefly’ fans missed it. God, I miss both those shows…

Source: Whedonesque on Twitter

3. How ‘Lost’ should have ended

It’s been a couple of months since ‘Lost’ ended, but I’m still hung up on it. Coupled with the DVD release of the final season later this month, and the Internet leak of the 12-minute epilogue “The New Man in Charge,” and I am just itching for more ‘Lost’ goodies. Damn you, ‘Lost’ writers, for making me fall back in love with the show right before it ended! Damn you. But, as much as I loved the ending, this is really how it should have ended.


4. How Twilight works

I’ve had the first Twilight movie from Netflix sitting on my TV stand for, oh, several months now. I really should just bite the bullet and watch the thing already so I can send it back and get something good. Like Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Even having read all the books, I still don’t get why it’s so popular. But The Oatmeal tries to explain how it works. Complete with funny drawings.

Source: The Oatmeal


This is a few years old, but I hadn’t seen it before. David Tennant made a guest appearance on ‘The Catherine Tate Show,’ bringing together three of my favorite things: ‘Doctor Who,’ Shakespeare and sketch comedy. I laughed so hard, I pulled a muscle on my side and was sore for days.

Source: rednoseday on YouTube

I’m off work again next Friday and will be heading down to Chattanooga to help my brother celebrate his 31st birthday. So I’ll probably skip the Friday Five again. Get those wet noodles ready.

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