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The Cult of Apple

I’ve never been much of an Apple fangirl. I think most of that stems from being forced to use really old Macs while never being allowed to know the joys of the newer machines. When I started work, I was using an OS 7 piece of feces. And before that, while working for the local school system, I was exposed to even older, outdated Macs which sometimes wouldn’t even boot up. So I never really understood the rabid loyalty to a company that put out, to me, crap products.

"My Precioussssssss..."

That is, until my workplace decided we actually needed to be working in the 21st century after all, and got us all new, 24″ iMacs to play work on.

And I became inducted into the Cult of Apple.

I adore this machine. I want one. I will probably never own one because I do not have the monies to buy one. But I finally understand. I finally get it. I heard the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus when I first sat in front of this machine. And the PTBs declared there shall be iMacs, and the masses decreed it was good.

Now, I will admit to dabbling a little in the Cult of Apple a few years ago when I bought my first (and thus far only) Apple product: the iPod. It was the latest of its kind… Tons of storage. Organization. No need to carry your CDs with you. And video. My portable music player could also play video.

It was (and still is) awesome.

Then the iPhone came out. And I wanted one, but I knew the monthly fees would not be something I could handle. Plus, I have telephobia and would use the actual Phone part, um, never. So I drooled (discretely) from a distance. Then came the iPod Touch. I salivated even more. Why, it was an iPhone, without the Phone! Perfect! But, I’d only had my iPod for a little while and decided to pine from afar.

Then there was iPad. Oh, how I wanted one! An iPhone without the Phone and in LARGE PRINT! But, again, no monies. [sad face]

And so, I pined and sighed, clinging desperately to my little iPod.

And then… the announcement today of a new iPod Touch. With a camera. And video. And all kinds of newer bells and whistles.

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be.

Does anyone what a kidney goes for on the black market these days? Because the Cult of Apple compels me to buy one. I can resist Apple’s siren song no longer.

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