The Crafty Companion

So. I’ve done it. I opened my own Etsy shop, The Crafty Companion. I only have five cross stitch patterns available so far, but I’m planning to add more. I’ve also got some finished stitchings done, but I’m waiting to add those until after I get back from my weekend trip. I’m hoping I’ll make a couple of sales, especially since I’ve got a ton of design ideas.

Finished a few new “Doctor Who” designs recently. One is brand-new and the other two are framable versions of designs I’ve put on bookmarks.

I already had a Dalek bookmark, so of course I needed a Cyberman to go with it!

I used Satin floss to do my Cyberman. Probably won’t do that again, as that stuff is as difficult to work with as the metallic floss.

"If something can be remembered, it can be brought back..."

It’s blue on the outside. It’s bigger on the inside. Inspired from the fifth season episode, “The Big Bang.” This finished stitching will be for sale next week.

This guy needs his own fan club.

I really liked the bookmark with this little guy on it, so I had to do one that could be framed. He’ll also be for sale next week. He’ll probably also show up again on a tea towel…


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