Playing ketchup

Yesterday, my Shakespearean Star Wars project was linked by the @starwars Twitter feed. Cue fangirl squee. I had the most hits to this blog ever. Which would be great…. if my last post hadn’t been in June. *facepalm*

It seems I’ve been too busy stitching, reading, fangirling over ‘Doctor Who’ and doll collecting to make a post. Doesn’t excuse my slacking. But that’s what I am. A slacker of epic proportions. Principal Strickland would have loved me. Anyway, I haven’t posted because, well, I just haven’t had anything to say. For five months. OK, now that just makes me pathetic. Oy.

So here I am, playing catch-up on some of the stitchery projects I’ve completed in the past few months. So, without further ado, more geek craft:

One has to wonder if Mario learned the trick to getting past the Boos from the Doctor.

This one came about after looking at some Mario sprites. Doctor Who/Super Mario mash-up. I am such a dork. XD

Because Time Lords need support, too.

I had to do this one twice, as the first go-around, the bottom part of the scarf looked just too wonky for me.

It's just as easy to get lost in a book as it is inside the Tardis.

Because I needed an excuse to do yet another ‘Doctor Who’-themed bookmark.

And now for something completely different....

This was done with glow-in-the-dark thread. Picture it. *oooooh*

In which I get a little ambitious....

My largest and most complicated piece to date. You can see close-ups here. *cough*cheap plug*cough*

I’ve got more stuff in the works. Mostly Tardises, because I really am that obsessed. But I’m also feeling compelled to do My Little Pony, too.*crickets*

That’s all for now. I’ll try to update this thing more often than once every five months. No promises, though.

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