Getting back to this blogging business

It’s been almost a year since I updated this thing. Epic fail on my part. Sorry. I’ve been dealing with some stuff this year, namely being diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. But I’m trying to get back into writing and blogging. Which is why instead of just one blog, I know have five. I know, I know… overkill. But they all do serve different purposes, so I don’t clog up this blog with other crap.

  • Small Town Girl — This is still my main blog, which I will try to update more often, usually with all things geekery, general bitching and whining and books. Not necessarily in that order. Hopefully there will be more geekery and books than bitching and whining.
  • Crafty Companion — I decided my geek craft needed its own blog. It’s tied into my Etsy shop. I’ll be giving sneak peeks of upcoming works in progress, commentary on new patterns and, on occasion, free patterns.
  • Boomerang Child — This is my depression/I’m-36-and-still-live-with-my-parents blog. This one won’t be updated too often because my depression is still trying to become more comfortable talking about. But I’ll also be blogging about what it’s like to live with your parents as an adult. (If I ever decide to grow up, that is.)
  • Shelf Life — My doll blog! I’ll be posting mostly photos and reviews of my doll collection over there.
  • Color of My Dreams — Ever since I started taking my fun-time meds, my dreams have been vivid and quite memorable. Often I’ll get a whole story in one night. I’m not looking to interpret anything or wondering what the hell my sub-conscience is doing, just writing down the memorable dreams.

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