A life of its own

Even though I haven’t updated this blog in about 10 months, I still get plenty of hits. According to my site stats, the most read post on my blog (and the most searched-for phrase) is “How I Infiltrated the Republican Party.”

This makes me LOL like you wouldn’t believe.

That post was written back in 2010, partly in jest and partly in incredulousness over the dirty tactics of a portion of the local Republican Party in our town, about the first time I voted in the Republican primary. But it makes me wonder who on earth is searching for “proof” of people infiltrating a political party? I’ve never gotten any comments on it. But I’ll get hundreds of hits a day on that post alone.

So let me put everyone’s mind at ease. I’m not an infiltrator. I’m not here to steal your “secrets.” I’m not here trying to commit voter fraud. I’m here to vote for the candidate that best represents my interests.

Of course, there’s nothing I can do to stop the searches or the hits. I’m just kind of shocked my post on Boobquake doesn’t get as much traffic.


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