Visiting Downton

downton_abbey_16qqbi5-16qqbk5A couple of weeks ago, I decided I’d give in to the Downton Abbey craze and catch up with the first two seasons before season three begins on Jan. 6. I hadn’t seen it before, but both my parents love it. The fact that my dad is crazy over a period British drama amuses me.

I finally finished watching it yesterday and I’ve come to the conclusion I need my own ladies’ maid and butler. And cook. Possibly also a footman or two. Ah hell, while I’m at it why not throw in a chauffeur? Seriously though, the whole life of the British nobility in this time period cracks me up. What do they do all day? Sit around and embroider? Read? Attend luncheons? What really tickled my funny bone was the idea that one had to dress to the nines just to go to dinner. It actually freaked me out a little bit because I have a bad habit of wearing my dinner (my motto: “It’s not dinner till you wear it!”). I can’t imagine living in fear of ruining beautiful gowns when I eat.

And the servants have the most ridiculous tasks. One irons the newspapers before the lord reads them. As soon as the family leaves one room, a small army of maids descends upon the room to tidy up and replump the pillows. A ladies maid or valet helps the family get dressed and undressed. I wonder how many times a day they change clothes. Hell, when the heir went off to fight in World War I, he even took a manservant with him!

I’m really enjoying the series, even though I admit my favorite part is seeing what other ridiculous things (by today’s standard) the nobility and the servants do. I can’t wait for season three!

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