Four and a half stars for Les Miserables

ImageMom and I took time off from wrangling my 4-year-old nephew this past weekend to go see Les Miserables. I have been a super-huge fan of this musical since high school. I know all the words to all the songs by heart. When I’m being a Broadway diva in my shower, I am usually singing Eponine’s or Fantine’s songs. But I have never seen a production of the show; I’ve only worn holes in my cassette tape/CDs.

The movie version was fantastic. Scenes I’ve only ever imagined in my head were on brilliant display before me finally. Having the actors actually sing while acting made a huge difference in the emotion the spilled off the screen. I laughed. I cried. OK, I questioned Russell Crowe’s casting as Javert a couple of times, but other than that, LOVED IT.

My mom had to poke me a couple of times when I started singing along without realizing it. And there were a couple of instances where I got incensed that some of the verses to songs had been cut. (The cuts made sense, but my inner Les Mis fangirl still grumbled over ‘A Little Fall of Rain’ getting shortened.) But I was glad that the scenes featuring the Thénardiers were played for comedic effect since the rest of the film was so damned depressing. EVERYBODY DIES. RIP MY HEART OUT OVER AND OVER. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SPOILER.

I still want to see a staged production of this musical, and I’ll get my chance when our local theater, the Cumberland County Playhouse, performs it in March. But the movie was supurb, and I’ll be rooting for the actors come Golden Statuette time.


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  1. LOVE the cover image 😀

    Great review as well 🙂

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