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Boys have a penis; girls have vaginas

ImageMy 5-year-old nephew is staying with us this week. Last night, we were having a tickle fight on the bed when he kneed me in the stomach. It was an accident of course, but damn, did it hurt. When I told him I needed a minute, he asked me, in all seriousness, “Did I hurt your wee-wee?”

Cue the groan.

“No, Ben. Girls don’t have wee-wees.”

“They don’t?”

So that’s how I got drawn in to explaining how girls and boys are different. Not in graphic detail. That’s not my job. But I could tell he wasn’t quite following along, so I got one of my more-anatomically-correct dolls and showed him that girls did not, in fact, have wee-wees.

He looked at it for a moment before announcing, “I don’t like girl butts.”

And that was that.

Until this morning. if there was any doubt in his mind that girls and boys had different parts, it was put to rest when the little squirt walked in on me getting dressed for work this morning.


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