About Small Town Girl

My name is Caroline. I live in a small Tennessee town. In an effort to make my life seem less boring, I started a blog. Here you might find a smattering of random things in my life — books, movies, television, a little social commentary, a pinch of photography and the pitfalls of being a Small Town Girl.

I blog equally between home, which I share with my parents and pets, and work, where I spend my days typing, typing, typing for our Small Town Newspaper. I write the obituaries. I love telling people what my job is.

The story of my life takes place on a small stage with a few quirky other characters. Sometimes it’s a comedic life. Sometimes it’s emo tragic. Most of the time, it’s just boring.

Dramatis Personae

Main cast

Caroline — Moi. Age: thirty-something. Your friendly, neighborhood obituary writer.
Mom — She’s Australian and pronounces words funny.
Dad — My hero. He works too hard, but I love him to pieces.
Dixie — Our almost four-year-old Yorkie/Pom pup. She’s very social.
Oreo — My chinchilla of indeterminate age. He’s very antisocial.

Recurring characters

Matt — He’s thirty-something, too… but he’ll always be my bratty little brother.
Candace — His wife. What she sees in my brother, I’ll never know.
Ben — My nephew. He’s just about to hit the terrible twos.

Kat — My best friend. She and her family live in Knoxville.
Vance — Her husband. If we were the same age, we’d be twins, we’re so much alike.
Katie — Eldest daughter. She makes yummy cakes.
Hattie — Second eldest. She likes the same kinds of books I do.
Sharry — Youngest daughter. My goddaughter. The closest I’ll ever come to having my own child.
Henry — Youngest son. My godson. Ditto.

Brian — My oldest friend. He’s a tad obsessed with Batman.

I like to write and used to have aspirations of being a writer. I’ll just settle for a blog and the occasional column in the newspaper. For now. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line at naiensama at gmail dot com. 🙂

One response to “About Small Town Girl

  1. Kat

    I love you woman, but I cannot see how someone obsessed with granades could be classified as boring. 🙂

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