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Loll stuff you.

I don’t like text speak. It’s probably one of the reasons I don’t text or use Twitter too often. I don’t like abbreviating words. Numbers should never be substituted as words. Spell everything out. Use correct punctuation. Pretend you’re intelligent at least and never use “ur.” Image

But one thing I do use with varying frequency are Internet acronyms. I’m especially abusive of LOL. So much so, it has become it’s own word to me. One I even catch myself trying to use in real life conversation. Say something funny to me and I have to stop myself from saying, “Loll.”

Surely I’m not the only one who does this? Who turns Internet acronyms into actual words in your head? Am I the only one who sometimes wants to tell people to “stuff you” (STFU)? Or who will “roffle” (ROFL) over a grumpy cat picture?

An FAQ is a “fack,” “I’m hoe.” (imho)

“Whizzy wig” (WYSIWYG) isn’t always true.

“Lamow” (LMAO), I must sound insane right now.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “She’s a bamf!” (self-explanatory)

“Oh, tow,” (OTOH), OMG is always O. M. G.

If you think I’m just nuts, you can “Die-aff.” (DIAF)

OK, maybe that’s too harsh. I guess I should just “gaffle.” (GAFL)

Hmm, I seem to swear a lot in Internet acronyms. “Smuh.” (smh)

Perhaps I am the only one who does this in her head. But the day it starts creeping into my everyday speech is the day I need to get “Affkuh.” (AFK)

“Tiffin!” (TTFN!)


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