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Being sick sucks. Duh.


Tried to find a photo of the ‘raging sinus infection’ plush. Apparently, there isn’t one. But the common cold plush was really cute.

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Well, that accurately describes the week I’ve been having.

It started last week, with a mild fever, sore throat, headaches and stiff neck. That should have been my first clue, but I just thought it was another cold, so I sucked it up and went to work anyway. The fever and sore throat were gone by the weekend, but the headaches and sinus pressure/drainage lingered. Again, I thought it was just the remnants of the cold.

Then came Monday.

I went to work, even though I felt lousy, because we are woefully understaffed, especially this week. But I did not feel well. At all. My head felt like it was full of cotton, I was dizzy, coughing and I was freezing. I didn’t think anything of the freezing part, because it’s always cold in our end of the building. But when I came home and took my temperature, BAM. 103.4.

No wonder I could barely function and didn’t eat anything that day.

Sometimes I still need my parents to tell me what to do. Mom told me I could not go to work Tuesday. I already had a doctor’s appointment for noon, so it made sense. Plus I extremely weak. So I called in, went to the doctor, who pronounced me sick with a raging sinus infection — her words — and sent me home with steroids, antibiotics and orders to stay home Wednesday too.

The good news is, I am feeling better. I had a fever this morning, but it broke and hasn’t returned yet. The bad news is, this was probably the worst possible week for me to be out. I feel so, so guilty for leaving my coworkers with more work to do while I recovered. 😦

The worst new is the antibiotics are effin’ nasty. They smell bad, they’re huge and I can taste them long after I’ve choked them down. A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, told me after a long night of drinking, it doesn’t matter how much you shower, the air of alcohol permeates the skin. That’s how it is with these horse pills. So I apologize to my coworkers in advance when I start smelling… medicinal.

Oh, and I’ll be back to work tomorrow.

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Thanksgiving ’09

Anya from Buffy said it best about Thanksgiving: “To commemorate a past event, you kill and eat an animal. It’s a ritual sacrifice. With pie.” Hope your ritual sacrifice was tasty!

My Thanksgiving ’09 was… anti-climactic. Mom had spent the beginning of the week down with my brother and family, since my nephew’s baby sitter was unavailable. They drove back up together Thursday morning, arriving around noonish.

I spent the morning feeling very sick to my stomach… which is, sadly, nothing new. Though I am a lot better than I was before I had my gallbladder removed, I still get these awful periods of sickness.

We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel about 2 p.m., pulling up to the restaurant right behind an ambulance. That’s never a good sign. Neither is having to step around the EMTs and the poor gentleman lying in the floor of the gift shop after suffering a seizure. That sounds horrible, I know, but they were trying to get us all out of the doorway so they could take him out.

The dinner was just ‘meh’ this year. I usually enjoy Cracker Barrel’s Thanksgiving dinner, but this year, not so much. Probably because I was tired, stressed and feeling sick.

Brother and sis-in-law left shortly after we returned home, leaving nephew behind to spend the weekend. I foresee locking myself in my room or the computer room a lot this weekend. I dearly love my nephew, but I can only take toddlers in small doses.

After Ben went to bed, I bullied my parents into watching Star Trek, because I really loved that movie. Unfortunately, we only got a half hour into it before my friends from Knoxville called and I spent an hour with them on the phone. Not that I minded, but I don’t know if I can get my parents to finish watching it now. I think I ought to give up trying to get them to watch stuff that I really like and is important to me.

Because it’s all about me, world! You hear that? All about me!

…or not.

I also started reading Twilight. I’m very proud of myself. Five chapters in and I’ve already resisted throwing the book across the room at least twice. I’m still trying to understand the appeal.

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You call that a vacation?

I was on vacation all of last week. Prime opportunity to search for my voice and do some blogging! Alas, it was not to be. A combination of a sudden desire to rewatch “Angel” from the beginning and a yucky stomach bug kept me offline most of the week.

The one thing I wanted to do on vacation was go to Knoxville, visit the mall (Apple Store!) and eat Japanese food. Mom and I arrived too early for lunch so we decided to kill time in Target. That’s when I discovered Target has it in for my family. Last time we made a trip to Knoxville for shopping and Japanese food, Mom became violently ill while in Target. This time, it was my turn. There is nothing worse than being stuck in such a public place while your insides are making a violent bid for freedom. That is, until you’re trying to drive home while not being ill and getting stuck on the interstate because of an 18-wheeler that decided to burst into flames.

I think I’m going on two years without Japanese food. And I’m blaming Target. Target, why do you not want me to indulge in delicious yakiniku?

Still not feeling too up-to-par this week. And I know I’m probably putting off the inevitable doctor’s visit, but I really don’t want to spend a whole lot of money for only a little help. I’m trying to manage my condition as best I can, but I think the time will come eventually when I’ll have to get over my embarrassment and penny-pinching and seek some help.

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The plague! The plague!

So much for trying to blog every day! Of course, nothing says “Let’s screw with your plans and knock you on your ass for a week” quite like the flu. Or whatever it was that I developed last Wednesday. I should have known something was up when I woke up that morning with a scratchy throat, but I just chalked it up to leaving the window open while I slept. Nope. Some insidious virus was launching an insurgence against my pathetic immune system. I made it about six hours at work, but finally had to wave the white flag of surrender when my head felt like it was about to do an impression of a watermelon at a Gallagher show.

Got home, crawled into bed and only emerged two days later on Friday in a desperate attempt to rally the troops at my asthma center because my lungs were about to become the next target. Fortunately, because of the Labor Day holiday on Monday, they were open on Friday for those of us unlucky enough to be sick over the holiday weekend. Got hooked up to a breathing machine, got some free steroids (I love my asthma center) and went home confident that I’d wiped out those viral bastards before any more damage could be done.

Unfortunately, I forgot that after the pain and stuffiness comes the nausea and heartburn. So my long weekend was shot to hell. I did manage to clean the chinchilla cage and clean up my bathroom for our visitors who are arriving in a couple of days. But not much else. My three-day weekend turned into a five-day bed rest. Joy.

I’m on the mend now. And fortunately, only two and a half more days of work until I’m on vacation! Woot!

Today is 09.09.09. It is also Good Neighbor Day. Be a good neighbor and give a compliment to a friend, coworker or family member!

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I made the decision yesterday to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It’s a good thing its young, so the move wasn’t too traumatic. I’ve used Blogger in the past before, but that was before Blogspot was created. I foresee myself doing a moderate amount of blogging during my breaks at work, and Blogger and my work computer don’t always like speaking to each other. For that matter, neither does my home computer. Plus WordPress seemed to have more layout options. I like this layout, but I hope to change the top picture to one I actually took someday soon. So, hello, WordPress!

Today has been a bit traumatic. I had an appointment with the eye doctor this morning. I figured, since I broke my glasses, I might as well go ahead and have my yearly exam (that I’m almost two years overdue for). I was dreading the thought of having to buy new glasses, since I don’t really have any money right now, thanks to hospital, dentist and chinchilla bills (who knew one little rodent would be so expensive!). But, oh happy day, my prescription hadn’t changed much! And the kind folks at the eye center were kind enough to fix my glasses (for free!) after the exam. I went in expecting to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars and walked out only having spent $10 for the copay. I felt so good, I decided to treat myself to some lunch out.

It probably isn’t a good idea to drive after your eyes have been dilated, but I didn’t cause any accidents, so yay. However, I did not think things through when I made my appointment for early in the morning. The dilation drops made my eyes extremely blurry. Which… is kind of bad for a proofreader. I was handed the sports pages to proof after I got back and could only read the headlines, my eyesight was so bad. I guess you could say that the lack of foresight about my current sight is only clear in hindsight. (Okay, I totally stole that from one of my FaceBook friends, but it made me LOL. And I don’t generally LOL.)

My coworker said I look like I’ve been tripping on LSD all morning, my pupils are so big. Personally, I feel like Stevie Wonder because I’ve been wearing my shades all day, because the glare from my computer screen is so very bright.

So, as I am trying to proof the front page, holding the pages out at arms’ length so I could see the teeny-tiny type of the cutlines, the PTBs descend on my department to discuss where everyone is going to move to.

Bwuh? What is this moving you speak of? I like my corner!

Apparently, with all the new upgrades we’re getting (we have money for upgrades? Then why the hell are we taking furlough days?), the big, new, badass Monster Machine of Newspapery Awesome is, well, monstrous. They’re going to have to knock down the wall my desk is against and come out 11 to 12 feet into the newsroom. Which… will basically cut our newsroom down to half the space we have now. So we’re going to have to all push our desks together and be crammed in here like sardines. (Note to self, make sure to wear deodorant every day.)

I’m also going to lose one of my desks. I work off two desks that are shoved together in an “L” shape. There are two drawers on my main (big) desk that I’ve never been able to open because the little desk is pushed right up against them. Theoretically, I shouldn’t need little desk if I can get to those two drawers. But quite frankly, I’m afraid of what might be in those drawers. I’ve been told no one’s opened them in almost a decade. Yikes.

Supposedly this is all to make our lives easier, once Monster Machine of Newspapery Awesome and all new computers arrive. (Well, new computers for everyone but me. Once again, I get a hand-me-down; albeit a 24-INCH SCREEN hand-me-down.) Right now, it appears as though it’s going to make our lives more complicated. I mean, it’s not like we’re going to cease publication for however long it takes for them to knock down some walls and install Monster Machine of Newspapery Awesome.

I sense fun times are ahead.

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It’s easy to go from high to low.

This morning I was riding a bit of a cloud from actually writing a column for the paper and being brave enough to speak up about it. And I posted a link to it on Facebook for my friends and family to read and got some good comments on it. But of course, that feeling didn’t last long.

First, this morning, I slipped sitting down at my desk and banged my leg against the corner of a drawer and it hurt. Then, this afternoon, I lift up my glasses to rub my eye (I know, you shouldn’t do that) and the nose guard just snaps right off.

*le sigh*

I had to spend all evening searching for my old glasses, which I finally found after an hour of tearing my room apart in an old purse hanging in my closet. I put them on and discover that my eyesight must have gotten a whole lot worse in the past couple of years because everything is still blurry. So tomorrow I shall have to call and make an appointment to get my eyes checked (I’m overdue anyway), and try to wear these broken glasses until I can get a new pair.

I’m still fighting with my insurance company about paying for having my wisdom teeth removed in February, plus I’m still paying my hospital bill for having my gallbladder out in December, and now I have to find some money to pay for new glasses.

And I really wanted to buy “Dollhouse” on DVD. I’ll just add it to my Christmas list for now.

Universe, why don’t you want me to have nice things??

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