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You call that a vacation?

I was on vacation all of last week. Prime opportunity to search for my voice and do some blogging! Alas, it was not to be. A combination of a sudden desire to rewatch “Angel” from the beginning and a yucky stomach bug kept me offline most of the week.

The one thing I wanted to do on vacation was go to Knoxville, visit the mall (Apple Store!) and eat Japanese food. Mom and I arrived too early for lunch so we decided to kill time in Target. That’s when I discovered Target has it in for my family. Last time we made a trip to Knoxville for shopping and Japanese food, Mom became violently ill while in Target. This time, it was my turn. There is nothing worse than being stuck in such a public place while your insides are making a violent bid for freedom. That is, until you’re trying to drive home while not being ill and getting stuck on the interstate because of an 18-wheeler that decided to burst into flames.

I think I’m going on two years without Japanese food. And I’m blaming Target. Target, why do you not want me to indulge in delicious yakiniku?

Still not feeling too up-to-par this week. And I know I’m probably putting off the inevitable doctor’s visit, but I really don’t want to spend a whole lot of money for only a little help. I’m trying to manage my condition as best I can, but I think the time will come eventually when I’ll have to get over my embarrassment and penny-pinching and seek some help.


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Take a deep breath, you’re home now

I managed to survive the weekend. I really was dreading it, to the point of not leaving the house until the very last possible minute, and yelling at the poor dog as I was trying to get out of the house with all my stuff. I felt so guilty about that the whole way down.

The drive to Knoxville was made more bearable thanks to a couple of SModcasts I’d burned onto CD before leaving. The first one I listened to, SModcast #90, was so funny… I laughed so hard I was afraid I’d hit someone on the interstate because of the tears in my eyes. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier discussed the latest Harry Potter movie… and if you’re at all familiar with Smith’s work, you know it was rude and crude and you’ll never look at Harry Potter in the same way again!

Got to my friends’ house where everyone was waiting to begin gaming. I used to love gaming, but I wasn’t looking forward at all to gaming this weekend. Mostly because it was a new system, plus it was a game in progress, and at first I felt so lost and extremely bored. But it got better, and I began to really get into it. Best of all, it gave me the beginnings of an idea for a story. I’ll have to mull it over and also wait and see how the game turns out. My character’s pretty interesting, and I’d love to write about her someday.

I started feeling sick halfway through the game and had to lie down for about an hour. I don’t know if I was just exhausted from having to be there or if I was having an anxiety attack, but right after dinner, I got really sick to my stomach. But after a little nap on the couch, I felt better.

We wrapped up around midnight EDT and I went to bed and slept for about nine hours, but woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. I might not have slept really deeply since I wasn’t in my own bed. Plus I remember waking up several times because of the trains that run right next to their house. Those trains scare me. If they ever derail, it would kill everyone living in those townhouses.

Since my friend had had to go into work early, I didn’t get to see her before I left. I feel guilty about that, but I really didn’t want to stay late. I needed to get home early so I could get some rest, even though I am taking one of my lovely furlough days tomorrow to recover. Still, it was good to get home early.

And I shall end the evening by watching “True Blood” with Mom and going to bed early. It’s funny… when I was younger I couldn’t wait to be older so I could stay up later. Now I’m older and I can’t wait to go to bed early. Ah, the joys of getting older.

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