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I don’t like bugs. But there’s just something about spiders that give me an extra dose of the willies. Logically I know that there’s a place for them on this earth. My parents are constantly preaching to me, as I’m shrieking down the house, that blah, blah, food chain, blah, blah, ecosystem, blah. But that is no comfort when I’m paralyzed by fear at a spider on the wall.


The worst arachnid, in my opinion, has to be the shower spider. There is nothing worse than disrobing in the morning, when you’re still half asleep, and draw back the shower curtain to find one (or more!) of the little vermin waiting for you in the shower. My coworker says car spiders are worse, but I maintain that at least in the car, you have a layer of protection between you and the spider… your clothes. Getting ready to step into the shower? No such protection. I always have to put on a towel before attempting to kill it, because I’m always afraid it’ll jump at me and then it will be on my skin. Ewwww.

Though a case can be made for the above-the-bed spider being the worst. You know you have to kill it because it might fall into your bed. But if you try to swat it, you might kill it, but it’ll still fall into your bed. However, I am too short to be able to reach it with a tissue, even standing on said bed. So swatting is the only option, followed by an hours-long search to either find its corpse or kill the survivor.

I confronted one of the dreaded shower spiders the other morning, and in my zeal to kill it, I apparently made too much noise. My dad came up to make sure I was OK. Apparently, it sounded like I had fallen in the shower. No, Dad. I’m OK. Just spider-killin’.

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I’m not dead. (Not yet.)

So, I haven’t updated this in…. months. I haven’t even been busy. I’ve just been boring. Story of my life.

The Christmas season is upon us. When did that happen? Though I think I frittered away August, September and October waiting for my doll convention to arrive. (You can find the recaps of that over on Shelf Life.) As my nephew would say, it seemed like it was “taking for-ever” for the Wilde Halloween Convention to arrive. But it did and Dad and I went and it was a blast. But that’s really the only news I have since my last post at the end of July.


I haven’t even read any good books lately! It seems like, after I gorged myself on young adult dystopian and fantasy novels over the summer, I lost my appetite for reading. Since August, I’ve read exactly one book. ONE! I AM SO ASHAMED. I had a goal of reading 42 books this year, but I’m not even going to come close. I did, however, finally buy Veronica Roth’s Allegiant, and am about a quarter of the way through it at the mo’. I did pick up some new reads during Amazon’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, so maybe I’ll stop being a lazy ass and pick up a book this month.

I’ve been selling a lot of dolls on eBay and other places, but I still seem to collect more than I sell. I have half a dozen dolls still in their boxes because I’ve nowhere to put them at the moment. However, I did have a rather rotten experience today on eBay. I have a doll up for a Buy It Now/Best Offer. Now, I suppose my mistake was not putting in an automatic decline for low-ball offers. I got one such today and made a counter offer… something that’s been done to me many times. Sometimes I accept, sometimes I don’t. It’s all good. But after I countered, the potential buyer sent me a rather rude little email saying how I must not want to sell the doll. No… I want to sell the doll, but not at an unacceptably low offer. Instead of arguing with the little upstart, I just blocked her from bidding altogether. Wouldn’t want to do business with someone like that anyway.

And that’s it for my update. Buying/selling dolls, not-reading and trying to get ready for Christmas. So… how y’all been? 🙂

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Ode to a website


The last layout I did for my blog, Epiphany. *sigh*

I miss my old website. Sometimes I’ll visit the Way Back Machine and type in my old URL, just to revisit the past. And to see my old layouts. I think I made some damn good layouts for anime fan sites back in the early ’00s.

I would make a new layout for my main site every few months or so. Same with my blog, back when I used Blogger. And I used Blogger a LOT back then. It seems weird, looking back on some of those old entries, how much head garbage I used to pour out into my blog. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I can think of anything to write about. Take today for instance. I’ve been scouring Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and HuffPost looking for a topic until I remembered my old blog.

I can revisit the pages I made at home, on my computer where all my files are. Unfortunately, over the years and the newer computers we’ve had, I’ve lost some. I don’t think I even have my old blogger archives anymore. How sad.

I finally gave my website up a few years ago when my domain name,, just got to expensive to maintain, not to mention the monthly site hosting fees. I do miss the designing though, and wish I knew more about how WordPress worked so I could design my own layout, but when I think of the time and effort I put into it, it makes me tired just thinking of it. I don’t think I have the energy anymore.

Alas, my poor website of yore.

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Things I’ve learned from ‘Doctor Who’


With filming for the highly-anticipated 50th anniversary special under way, fans of the BBC television show Doctor Who have taken to social media to scrutinize every little detail of production stills being released. I confess, I’m one of them. A Whovian, as we call ourselves. And I will be waiting in breathless anticipation when the BBC celebrates the golden anniversary of the longest-running science fiction show on television.

Doctor Who premiered Nov. 23, 1963 on the BBC network in Great Britain. It chronicles the adventures of a space- and time-traveling alien, a Time Lord named simply “the Doctor,” and his (usually) human companions. He explores space and time in his sentient, bigger-on-the-inside ship called the TARDIS. With his companions, the Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to help ordinary people, save civilizations and right wrongs.

The show ran continuously from 1963 until the late 80s, with one television film in 1996, with eight different actors playing the Doctor. (Time Lords “regenerate” into new bodies when mortally wounded, a handy plot device used to pass the torch between actors.) In 2005, the show was rebooted and added three new actors playing the title role.

I was a late bloomer to the show. Though it played on PBS here in America in the ’70s and ’80s, I did not get hooked into this fantastical world of the Doctor until 2008, after several of my friends had recommended it to me. It only took two episodes for me to become a devoted fan, gobbling up both “classic” episodes and the newer reincarnation of the series. Along the way I learned some valuable lessons about life, the universe and everything.

1. There’s no point in growing up if you can’t be childish sometimes. Too often, as adults, we let the real world turns us cynical and pessimistic. Sometimes we just need to let the grown up slip away and regain some of that childish innocence we had when we were children. Run through the grass barefoot. Play with dolls. Have a tea party with friends.

2. Everyone is important. This is one I struggle with, especially when it comes to myself. I battle depression every day, and sometimes, when it feels like the world is caving in on me, I have to remind myself I am important, too.

3. Time can be rewritten. Of course, we don’t have a fancy time machine like the Doctor, but we can rewrite the past in other ways. A heartfelt apology for a past wrong can be offered. Forgiveness can be given. A fresh start can be had.

4. Not all victories are about saving the world. Even the smallest victories, such as achieving a personal goal, is every bit as important as the world-saving victories.

5. Nothing is impossible, just highly unlikely. Even then, those highly unlikely things can become likely if you just persevere.

6. Stand up for what is right, no matter the odds. Don’t ever give up on your personal convictions.

7. The bad things in life don’t spoil the good things. Learn from the bad memories and cherish the good ones. When life throws you for a loop, take out a good memory and relive it. Don’t give in to the bad things in life.

8. The most ordinary person can change the world. You could change someone else’s world for the better and never know it. Be a positive force in the lives of those around you.

9. The best weapons in the world are books. The knowledge within books are the best arsenal you could hope to have.

10. Be proud of your beliefs… and your fashion sense. Your beliefs make you who you are, not what kind of clothes you wear. But it’s OK to be proud of both. After all, bow ties are cool.

Of course, there are many other lessons to be learned from Doctor Who, such as angel statues are things to be feared, the adipose diet isn’t a good idea and despite their appearance, Daleks can climb stairs, but it’s the ones you can apply to real life that have stuck with me. And in 50 years of traveling through time and space with the Doctor, I know I’m not the only one whose life has been affected for the better by Doctor Who.

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At least call them what they are

ImageI don’t normally pay attention to Facebook ads. Usually Facebook has me pegged entirely wrong and advertises services I don’t need… like parenting services or a dating site for gay men. Sometimes Facebook offers clothing and accessories for someone way skinnier than I am. Honestly, Facebook, do you not pay attention to the photos I upload?

Today, however, I saw a product that I really couldn’t wrap my brain around. “Above the Knuckle Rings.” These are small rings that you wear around the first knuckle of your finger. Or as they should be called, “Rings That Are Too Small For You To Wear.”

Tell me, what is the purpose of these rings? To show off your manicure? If you have a good manicure, shouldn’t that speak for itself? And I don’t know about many of you, but I would spend the whole day trying to push those damn little rings down my fingers for fear they’d fall off.

Are we running out of body parts to dress up? Do our knuckles really need bedazzling? Do people actually buy this stuff?

Maybe I’m just out of touch with today’s fashion trends.

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If the pope resigns in the woods….

The news greeting us this morning was that, after 8 years in office, Pope Benedict XVI will be resigning from office effective Feb. 28. The first pope in 600 years to do so.Image

Not that this news at all affects me, as I am neither Catholic nor religious, but Catholicism does fascinate me. Maybe I’ve read too many Dan Brown books, but Catholic rites and symbolism are something that have always interested me. Which is why I’m so looking forward to Conclave.

Granted, I know Conclave is pretty much a bunch of old, white men (with a few people of color thrown in for affirmative action) sitting around electing another old, white (probably) man to wear the funny pointed hat. But it’s still an interesting ritual to watch and see people react to.

However, I think maybe the Catholic church is ready for a little shake-up. That’s why I propose that I, a non-Catholic, non-religious woman, be elected your new pope. Pope Joan II, if you will.

Here’s what I would change in the first days of my reign:

1. No more pope-mobile bubble car. I wish for a pope horse-drawn Cinderella carriage.

2. Replace the pointy hat with a tiara. Because I look good in tiaras.

3. The blood and body of Christ will be replaced with tortillas and tequila. So people will want to go to Mass. Party!

4. Priests can marry. But they can only marry nuns. Think of the Bachelor/Bachelorette spinoffs!

5. Priest abusers will be dropped in an oubliette and forgotten. As a bonus, oubliettes come back into fashion.

6. Birth control. Need I say more?

7. Gay marriage. Ditto.

8. Living saints. Chosen Thunderdome style.

9. Free access to the Vatican archives. Because what if Dan Brown was right?

10. 40 days of Mardi Gras. Because Lent is just so self-serving.

I’m sure I could think of more, but this would get me through the first month I think.

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Loll stuff you.

I don’t like text speak. It’s probably one of the reasons I don’t text or use Twitter too often. I don’t like abbreviating words. Numbers should never be substituted as words. Spell everything out. Use correct punctuation. Pretend you’re intelligent at least and never use “ur.” Image

But one thing I do use with varying frequency are Internet acronyms. I’m especially abusive of LOL. So much so, it has become it’s own word to me. One I even catch myself trying to use in real life conversation. Say something funny to me and I have to stop myself from saying, “Loll.”

Surely I’m not the only one who does this? Who turns Internet acronyms into actual words in your head? Am I the only one who sometimes wants to tell people to “stuff you” (STFU)? Or who will “roffle” (ROFL) over a grumpy cat picture?

An FAQ is a “fack,” “I’m hoe.” (imho)

“Whizzy wig” (WYSIWYG) isn’t always true.

“Lamow” (LMAO), I must sound insane right now.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “She’s a bamf!” (self-explanatory)

“Oh, tow,” (OTOH), OMG is always O. M. G.

If you think I’m just nuts, you can “Die-aff.” (DIAF)

OK, maybe that’s too harsh. I guess I should just “gaffle.” (GAFL)

Hmm, I seem to swear a lot in Internet acronyms. “Smuh.” (smh)

Perhaps I am the only one who does this in her head. But the day it starts creeping into my everyday speech is the day I need to get “Affkuh.” (AFK)

“Tiffin!” (TTFN!)

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For the birds

Even though we have a two-car garage at the house, our garage is full of so much stuff, we can only park one vehicle inside. In the warmer months, I park outside under the cherry tree in front of the garage. But when it’s cold, since I have to go to work every day and my mother hardly ventures out, we switch. I park in the garage so I won’t have to worry about scraping ice or snow off my windshield.Image

However, this winter has come with a new problem. Two tiny brown birds have built a nest inside the garage, between two spray paint cans lying on their sides on one of the shelves. Normally I would find this cute and marvel and their resourcefulness. However, there is a downside.

I must be the only person in the county who parks her car in the garage and still finds her car covered in bird crap the next morning.

We don’t want to disturb the birds. My parents and I are avid bird watchers. But these little birds often get locked in the garage at night and during the day when we close it. The only place left for them to do their business is on top of my car. *sigh*

This morning, one of the birds was actually sitting on top of my car, waiting for my dad to open the garage door at 5 a.m. to let the dog out.

Silly birds.

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My cover band is now Wawa Skittletits

Someone on Facebook linked to Buzzfeed’s 25 Funniest Autocorrects of 2012 today. I spent the better part of 20 minutes shaking as I tried to contain my laughter. I don’t use text messaging myself, as my primary mode of keeping in contact with people is through Facebook, but sometimes I wish I had a smartphone so I could see what kind of hilarity would come of texting.


Reading the hilarious posts, I was reminded of an incident from my teenage years. This was before cell phones, kiddies. (Get off my lawn.) My friend Amelia was at my house and we were talking in front of my mother when she suddenly said, “Oh, hey. Did you pluck out that dick hair?”

I think the sound I made was similar to choking a half-dead chicken. First, I had no idea what she was talking about. Second, she said it in front of my mother. I turned red and stammered something like, “Wha??”

“That daycare. Did you apply to it?”


I have no idea how my mind turned “Did you apply at that daycare” into “Did you pluck out that dick hair.” But there you go. My brain autocorrects innocent questions into dirty thoughts.

Make of that what you will.

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