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Parting of the ways

I have a weird schedule when it comes to my hair. I only see my hairdresser about once a year. I know this would send most of my lady friends into absolute shock, but it’s true. I visit my hairdresser every year around November to have my hair whacked off.



I like having long hair in the summer and short hair in the winter. This may sound paradoxical, but there is method to my madness. In hot weather, I can’t stand having hair on the back of my neck, so it has to be long enough to put into a ponytail. By the time October/November rolls around, I am so sick of fighting with the tangles every morning, I make an appointment to chop it all off. I have warm scarves I use to keep the chill off my neck in winter.

It may sound topsy-turvy to you, but I’ve got my hair down to a science.


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