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Friday (the 13th) Five

Um, so. I kinda skipped the last two Fridays. The first one, I was off work and didn’t have an opportunity to get online. Last Friday, I just didn’t feel good. So, I’m sorry. You can spank me with wet noodles at your convenience.

1. Real ghosts plague ‘Being Human’

It’s Friday the 13th! Ooooooh! This one’s for all you triskaidekaphobes out there who are also Anglophiles with a love of British television. If you watch BBC’s ‘Being Human,’ you know the basic plot: a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who share a flat while struggling to maintain their humanity. It’s good stuff. But what’s even better is the idea that the set might actually be haunted. Someone get GHI over there, stat!

Source: Anglophenia

"You got your Star Trek in my Serenity!"

2. When fandoms collide

This was posted all over Twitter a while back. But it was just so awesome, I had to share it here, in case any ‘Star Trek’/’Firefly’ fans missed it. God, I miss both those shows…

Source: Whedonesque on Twitter

3. How ‘Lost’ should have ended

It’s been a couple of months since ‘Lost’ ended, but I’m still hung up on it. Coupled with the DVD release of the final season later this month, and the Internet leak of the 12-minute epilogue “The New Man in Charge,” and I am just itching for more ‘Lost’ goodies. Damn you, ‘Lost’ writers, for making me fall back in love with the show right before it ended! Damn you. But, as much as I loved the ending, this is really how it should have ended.

Source: HowItShouldHaveEnded.com

4. How Twilight works

I’ve had the first Twilight movie from Netflix sitting on my TV stand for, oh, several months now. I really should just bite the bullet and watch the thing already so I can send it back and get something good. Like Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Even having read all the books, I still don’t get why it’s so popular. But The Oatmeal tries to explain how it works. Complete with funny drawings.

Source: The Oatmeal


This is a few years old, but I hadn’t seen it before. David Tennant made a guest appearance on ‘The Catherine Tate Show,’ bringing together three of my favorite things: ‘Doctor Who,’ Shakespeare and sketch comedy. I laughed so hard, I pulled a muscle on my side and was sore for days.

Source: rednoseday on YouTube

I’m off work again next Friday and will be heading down to Chattanooga to help my brother celebrate his 31st birthday. So I’ll probably skip the Friday Five again. Get those wet noodles ready.

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Friday Five: Hello Vader!

Someone toss me a fail whale. I let last Friday come and go without doing a Friday Five. I blame having the day off and generally being lazy. I should be punished. I should be given a good spanking! And after the spanking, the oral s…. wait. Maybe that’s not the best movie to be quoting in a public blog.

As penance for my sins, I offer up a double dose of Internet goodies.

1. How ‘Lost’ should have ended

It’s been a few weeks since “Lost” ended, but I still can’t get it out of my mind. It was a hell of an ending. Can’t really think of how the writers could have ended it any better. But apparently, the folks over at Cracked.com could. Because this is the way it really should have ended. (Warning: some spoilers for the final episode… but it’s so freakin’ cool!)

Source: Cracked.com

Awwwwww! Hello Vader!

2. Star Wars demotivational posters

I’m a pessimist living in a cynical world. There are very few things that keep me from committing seppuku and ending it all. Demotivational posters are one. Star Wars is another. Demotivational Star Wars posters? Epic. I have gained the will to live another day.

Source: Furious Fanboys

3. The (Illustrated) Hitchhiker’s Guide to Daleks

It’s nice to know that the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy includes Daleks. Watch this instructional video to learn everything you ever wanted to know (and some things you didn’t) about this evil war machine race.

Source: SCI FI Wire

4. The ultimate Internet video

Both the bank OK Go and the Muppets have gathered quite a large following on the Interwebs. At the recent Webby Awards program, the two groups got to meet… with some interesting results. Let me just say I doubt the band members of OK Go will be making any more bets with Animal.

Source: Huffington Post

5. Amazing acrobatics

If ‘America’s Got Talent’ actually had people with talent, I imagine they’d be something like this group of young men. I dare you to watch this video and not exclaim, “Holy crap!” (Warning: Men, this may make you wince a little. Hell, it made me wince a little and I don’t have dangly bits.)

Source: siwayvideo on YouTube

6. Best. Headline. EVER.

Working in the newspaper business, you live in fear of writing bad headlines. No thanks, in large part, to Jay Leno. But sometimes you come across a rare gem of a story that lets you throw all that caution to the wind. Well played, Evening Herald.

Source: debonbon on TwitPic

7. Star Trek: Tik Tok

I dislike Ke$ha. Of course, I didn’t know who the hell she was up until a couple of months ago. But I don’t like that style of music. I find it irritatingly grating on my ears. However, this video just proves that adding Classic Trek to any song can make it awesome.

Source: MissSheenie on YouTube

8. Backyard Millennium Falcon

I have a family of owls in my backyard. One special little kid has the freakin’ Millennium Falcon in his. Whose backyard is cooler? I like owls, but I think Christopher’s yard wins hands down. The folks at the Make-a-Wish Foundation are truly amazing for the joy they bring to these children.

Source: io9

In my first attempt, I was the "Nerdy Virgin." Figured "Bookworm" was more accurate. *cough*

9. Scott Pilgrim avatar creator

I always feel like I’m a day late and a dollar short, especially when it comes to pop culture. I didn’t know who Scott Pilgrim was until the movie trailers hit the Internet. But it looks intriguing. I may have to catch it when it hits theaters. While we wait, you can create your own Scott Pilgrim avatar. Fun!

Source: Scott Pilgrim: The Movie

10. Epic Facebook update

I’m a Facebook addict. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? These folks, however, are Facebook masters. I wish I could be this cool. Maybe if I stopped playing all those stupid Facebook games… but I doubt that would help.

Source: jennyblumberg on Twitter

Whew! Done! Honestly, it takes twice the work to make up for being a slacker… and yet I never seem to learn from my mistakes.

Hope everyone has a non-sucky weekend!

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An obituary for ‘Lost’


Sept. 22, 2004 — May 23, 2010

“Lost,” age six seasons, passed away with dignity on the evening of May 23, 2010. Memorial services were held a half hour later on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with Jimmy Kimmel officiating. Special music was performed by Michael Giacchino. There will be no burial as its body of work has been donated to the Internet for extensive study.

Born Sept. 22, 2004, “Lost” was the brainchild of Damon Lindelof, J. J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Carlton Cuse, et al., all of whom survive, unlike most of their characters.

“Lost” has captivated, confused, irritated and infuriated millions of viewers the world over. We, its family of fans, have laughed with Hurley; loved with Jin and Sun; contemplated life, the universe and everything with Jack and Locke; hated on Kate; and drooled over shirtless Sawyer. We’ve flashed back, flashed forward and even flashed sideways, but unfortunately, never flashed by Sayid. (Drat.) We’ve been thrown for loops, made speechless, gasped in shock and blown away (but not literally, like Arzt and Ilana).

“Lost” leaves a legacy of life lessons: live together, die alone; it’s never too late for a second chance; no man (or woman) is an island; DUI charges will get you killed off; never mess with unstable dynamite.

In addition to its creators, “Lost” is survived by Elizabeth Mitchell of “V,” Ian Somerhalder of “The Vampire Diaries,” Daniel Dae Kim of “Hawaii 5-O,” sibling series “Fringe,” also created by Abrams, and the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

It was preceded in death by the Dharma Initiative, most of the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, a host of Others, Jacob, the Man in Black, “Felicity” and “Alias.”

In lieu of flowers, the producers ask that memorial donations be made in the form of DVD preorders.

ABC Studios was in charge of the arrangements.

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Quick Take: ‘Lost’

It's not a good-bye. It's a see you later.


I had to get this all down before I went to sleep. This is my quick take on the finale of “Lost.”

“Lost” was Jack’s story. It wasn’t about the island, it was about Jack and the people he came into contact with. Which is why we didn’t get any answers as to what the island really was. Because that didn’t matter. It was about redemption, which everyone on Oceanic Flight 815 needed. So when Jack found redemption, and he died, that was the end of the story.

The island was real. Everything that happened there, happened. Sideways world was a staging area for the Losties after they died. It didn’t matter when they died. In season 1 or years from now as old men and women, when they died, they all collectively went to this waiting area because they were all so closely bound in life. Death is a little bumpy, so they needed to help each other remember so they could all move on as a family.

Even though really none of the mysteries of the island were solved, I am at peace with the show and am pleased with the ending.

Though I do wish it weren’t over.

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Friday Five: Making up for ‘Lost’ time

A combination of an unexpected day off, a little bit of sickness and some bad thunderstorms kept me offline last Friday, and I apologize for the lack of post, because I know it’s the most eagerly anticipated post of the week (I actually managed to type that with a straight face). So to make up for skipping a week, I’m giving you a double dose of the Friday Five, because there were so many cool things to be found on the Internets the past couple of weeks. I should warn you, due to the “Lost” finale airing this coming Sunday, this will be a “Lost”-heavy post.

1. Google celebrates Pac-Man

Before delving into the “Lost” goodies, we have a couple of anniversaries to celebrate. The first is Pac-Man, who debuted 30 years ago this weekend. To mark the occasion, Google changed its logo accordingly. However, what makes this logo stand above the rest is the fact that the logo is an actual Pac-Man game you can play. As if we needed more proof as to how awesome Google actually is.

Source: Google

2. The Empire Strikes Back — 1950s-style

Another icon is also celebrating its 30th anniversary. On this day in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters. It was the first live-action movie I ever saw and I can still remember it, even though I was not quite 4 years old at the time. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this “premake” trailer for a 1950s version of The Empire Strikes Back “in the astonishing realism of 3 dimension!”

Source: Wired

Artwork by Mattias Adolfsson

Laugh not, or your ass, kick it I will.

3. If it’s not Baroque…

In other Star Wars news, check out these amazing artworks of a Baroque-style Star Wars universe by Mattias Adolfsson. Some people are just so damn talented and I am insanely jealous. But I’m glad they exist because… well, wow.

Source: Behance Network

4. “Lost” finale sitcom version

“Lost” finally ends this Sunday. I’m actually rather heartbroken over this, even though the show and I have been in a love-hate relationship since season three. I’m nervous and excited as to what the final episode will bring. At least it won’t end like a clichéd-filled sitcom… hopefully.

Source: Huffington Post

5. Previously on “Lost”

If you’re anything like me, you may have some trouble remembering everything that happened in the previous five seasons of “Lost.” Not to worry. If you have a few minutes to spare before the finale, check out this duo’s recap of all five seasons of “Lost” in five minutes flat.

Source: handsomeleroy on YouTube

6. “I’ll Never Be Lost Again”

I am not a fan of hip-hop music, but this hip-hop/R&B anthem actually had me in tears by the end. I’m really going to miss this damn, frustrating show.

Source: njusticeleague on YouTube

7. Doctor Hoo

As you probably know, I am a huge, huge fan of “Doctor Who.” And as you can probably imagine, I squealed like a school girl when I saw this amazing piece of art of all 11 doctors drawn as owls. I really wish I had a print of this to hang on my wall above my toy Tardis!

Source: pu-sama on deviantART


When I heard that a Doctor Who stage tour was kicking off in London in the fall, it almost made me wish the U.S. had lost the War of Independence over 230 years ago, because I really, really want to see this, but I am poor and my passport is expired. Woe.

Source: NOW magazine

9. Total Recall: The Musical

I am pretty convinced that you could add the words “The Musical” to anything and I’ll love it. (Hmm, maybe not “Twlight: The Musical.”) Take a look at how Total Recall was meant to be seen, complete with emo-Arnold lyrics.

Source: Huffington Post

10. Aussie ninjas to the rescue!

In the age-old battle of pirate vs. ninja, I come down strongly on the side of pirate. But I’ll give ninja props for rescuing a German medical student in Sydney. I don’t know about the muggers, but if I saw five ninjas running at me, I wouldn’t get very far since I’d be crapping my pants out of fear. Rock on, Aussie ninjas!

Source: Huffington Post

And so ends my double dose of Web goodies. Hope you enjoyed them. I’m sure I’ll be back next week to discuss what I think happened… or didn’t happen… or what might have happened… on the final episode of “Lost.” That is, if my brain hasn’t gone into total existential meltdown by then.

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I don’t need all the answers on ‘Lost’

“It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack.” — Juliet Burke, “The Other Woman”

Oh, Juliet. If you think being an Other is stressful, try being a member of the viewing audience. For six long seasons, we’ve laughed, cried, scratched our heads and been utterly, well, lost with “Lost.” But the long journey both the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and we as an audience have endured will finally be over this Sunday, when the two and a half hour finale airs on ABC.

Make all the jokes you want, I'm still going to miss seeing shirtless Sawyer on my TV every week.

When “Lost” premiered in 2004, it earned a ratings record with 18.6 million viewers. It was also the most expensive television pilot ever made, which probably helped draw in many of those viewers. I was not one of them. I don’t remember the reason why I did not watch the pilot episode, but I heard so much about it the day after it aired and of the next two episodes, I decided to give it a go when ABC aired a mini-marathon a couple of weeks later.

I was hooked. Plane crashes, polar bears, underground hatches, a monster in the jungle, and a ragtag band of survivors who were all mysteriously connected lured me in and caught me hook, line and sinker. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. And I loved every minute of it. For the first season at least.

But serial programs take commitment. And with a plot with more twists and turns than a back mountain road, trying to keep up with “Lost” became something of a chore by the time season four rolled around. The writers’ strike didn’t help either and I think “Lost” lost a little bit of its magic after having such a long hiatus between seasons three and four. There came a point where there were just too many characters and two many subplots to keep up with. Thank goodness for the Internet and for fans more dedicated than I. Without them, I don’t know if I could have kept watching.

By season five, the show was really starting to drag. I almost gave up on it, but knowing that the show only had one season left made me keep watching. I had invested way too much time and brain power to give up so close to the end. And I’m glad I didn’t. Because the final season has been spectacular. It may be because we know it’s ending that we tune in eagerly every week now and secretly wish it wouldn’t end, despite the disappointment of earlier seasons.

And now, after six long years, “Lost” fans the world over will tune in this Sunday to see how it all ends — and hopefully get some answers in the process. The mysteries of the island were what kept many of us tuning in year after year, and many of those mysteries have been explained, or half-explained, this season. Of course, in those explanations, more questions are raised, but it wouldn’t be “Lost” otherwise.

There have been many, many blog posts this season listing all the unanswered questions that have yet to be answered, and while I have a few myself, I’ve resolved myself to not be disappointed in the ending. Not every question needs an answer. I don’t need to know what, exactly, the golden light at the heart of the island is. I can live without knowing why women can’t give birth on the island. I even don’t really know why the numbers are so important. I accept the fact that the island is a place where mysterious things happen. I accept the allegorical good vs. evil plot. I accept that many things won’t be explained.

I know that the final episode won’t please many of the hardcore fans because of all the questions it won’t answer. But personally, I’m not worried about that. The most I’m hoping for is a satisfying ending to a show that has left me lost and confused and loving almost every minute of it. I will be unplugging the telephone Sunday night so I can sit back and enjoy the final episode without interruption, hoping the creators of “Lost” end this phenomenon in a satisfying manner that doesn’t involve one of the characters waking up in bed at the end with Suzanne Pleshette.

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Friday Five: Get ‘Lost’

As I’m typing this, there’s still two hours left in Friday… so it’s not too late to post my Friday Five, right? I had today off today and planned to get so much done. And then I overslept until almost lunch time and my day just went to hell after that. Never did catch up. But there’s always tomorrow.

It’s funny. When I was in my 20s I could stay up all night. Now that I’m in my 30s, I can’t wait to go to bed. So I’ll just jump right in. Sooner done, sooner to sleep. 🙂

1. ABC extends ‘Lost’ finale

This better not be a Bobby Ewing, snowglobe, waking up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette kind of ending. Or heads will roll.

No spoilers, but if you haven’t seen this week’s episode of ‘Lost’ yet, have some tissues ready. The writers aren’t holding back any punches for this show’s final season it seems. ‘Lost’ was such a great show when it started. Then it suffered from dragging plots in later seasons, especially thanks to the writers strike. I almost gave up on it, but stuck with it because I knew it would end someday. And that day is almost upon us. And now that it is, I find myself not wanting it to ever end! Lucky for us, ABC has allowed the show’s producers to extend the finale to 2 and a half hours. That’s right, an extra half hour in which to RIP OUT MY HEART. *sob*

Source: The Live Feed

2. Muppets meet ‘Lost’ creators

I’m not the only one giving the writers and creators of ‘Lost’ a hard time. Check out this video of a couple of Muppets crashing their planning session for the final episodes. Give ’em hell, Rizzo!

Source: MTV Movies Blog

3. Raising money for hot, ass-kicking chicks

Stephen Baldwin isn’t my favorite Baldwin. Sure, he was OK in Biodome. Which is a bad movie. But he’s done worse. Much worse. And now he’s broke. And raising money. Because of Jesus and stuff. Or something. But there’s someone else who also deserves some money. Joss Whedon. Not because he needs it. But because he’s awesome. Really. Watch the video and see if you don’t agree.

Source: io9

4. LEGO Star Wars trilogy

May 4th was Star Wars Day. What’s better than Star Wars? LEGO Star Wars! What’s better than LEGO Star Wars? How about the entire Star Wars trilogy (the good one) told in two minutes… in LEGO. “Whaddup, son?” I did learn a valuable lesson. Don’t watch while drinking, because inhaling liquid is not a pleasant experience.

Source: Huffington Post

5. Remake of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’

Last week we had Gaga a capella. This week, it’s a remake of her video ‘Telephone’ as performed by soldiers in Afghanistan. I don’t know what my fascination with Lady Gaga has been of late, but I do know I really enjoy the remakes.

Source: malibumelcher on YouTube

Enjoy the weekend!

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