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‘The Big Bang Theory’ cross stitch

“The Big Bang Theory” is one of my favorite shows, so of course I had to stitch the characters after I found them on Etsy. It’s another design from Wee Little Stitches, and I think it came out pretty good!


The room I took the photo in had really bad lighting, so it doesn’t really show up that this design is done on sea-foam green aida. It looks really good on the green fabric in person!

Up next: Green Lantern, because my brother had a big man-crush on Ryan Reynolds.


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Evil Wil Wheaton Strikes Back

(WARNING: This post contains slight spoilers for “The Wheaton Recurrence.” You have been warned.)

I was a late convert to “The Big Bang Theory.” I didn’t start watching until after season 2 had started. But I caught up quickly. It is quite possibly the best show on TV at the moment. I mean, I love “Castle,” “The Amazing Race” and “Doctor Who,” but “The Big Bang Theory” feels like it was written especially for me. The characters are me and my friends (except, of course, without the doctoral/master’s degrees). I get them. I get their obsessions. Because I have them, too.

I watch the show with my mother, who likes it because it reminds her of my brother and his friends back in high school. (I didn’t really hit my geeky stride until college.) But a lot of the time, she doesn’t get the jokes. She’s familiar enough with Star Trek, Star Wars and comic books, thanks to me and my brother, but a lot of the time, I have to pause the show to explain why I’m cracking up. I don’t mind. It makes me feel like, for once in my life, I’m in on the joke, instead of feeling like things are flying over my head.

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, Evil Wil Wheaton!

Which is why Wil Wheaton’s guest appearances this season have made season 3 the penultimate season for me (thus far). Here’s a guy from a geeky series that I loved when I was a kid guest starring on one of my favorite shows. It’s not just that Wheaton has been a guest star on the show (twice), because other famous folks I like have also had cameos playing themselves — Stan Lee, Summer Glau, Katee Sackhoff (though I didn’t know her at the time — TBBT is what pushed me to start watching Battlestar Galactica in the first place). It’s that Wheaton plays a slightly different version of himself. He is not Wil Wheaton. He is Evil Wil Wheaton.

Part of the reason I love the Internet is that I can stalk get a look into the heads of actors and actresses I have admired who have an online presence, such as Wheaton. His blog and twitter feed are both highly amusing. The Internet allows fans to get to know the real person behind the characters we love. And Wil Wheaton is such a nice guy. Which makes Evil Wil Wheaton such a delightful treat.

Sheldon is by far my favorite character on TBBT. But even this genius theoretical physicist needs to be taken down a notch or two at times. And Evil Wil Wheaton is the perfect antithesis. Though he’s not a genius like the boys, he’s smart, he’s geeky and he’s evil. He’s not above playing the dead Meemaw card OR breaking up a couple to win a game. In real life, I would hate him. But in the fantasy world of TBBT… I have a huge, undeniable crush on the guy. Deep down, I must really like the bad boys.

Bill Prady, executive producer for “The Big Bang Theory,” announced on Twitter last night that this would not be the last we’ve seen of Evil Wil Wheaton. And to that I say, “Bring it on!” What dastardly plot will Evil Wil Wheaton use to torment Sheldon next time? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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